Just for fun

This will be my only mention of a certain event, simply because the headgear is always so entertaining. Frankly I don’t understand how they call most of them ‘hats’.

Lovecraft fans, prepare to be infected with serious envy (only don’t look at this while eating or drinking… you have been warned).

Cthulhu Headdress

Here’s what it really looked like.

That is all.

18 thoughts on “Just for fun

  1. The shocking thing is that the real hat was easily as weird as the parody. This is what happens when the daughters of a divorced couple get dressed @ Dad’s house

    p.s. true confession: I got up at 5:30 a.m. and watched the whole thing, texting frenetically the whole time w/Rosie and L’Italiana. I had planned to take a nap afterward and then grade papers most of the day, but my mother got Wedding Fever and demanded that I take her shopping for an outifit to wear to my niece’s wedding next month.


  2. I would have forgotten about the whole thing had it not been tweeted about endlessly, mostly by people complaining about how much attention it was getting. I could not muster up any interest in it at all.

    Seriously, do these women not have access to style consultants?


    1. “Seriously, do these women not have access to style consultants?”

      Kate and her sister clearly did – they looked perfect, and even the Queen rocked a very smart look, in an ancient feudal Anglican sort of way. Andrew’s girls, on the other hand, looked like they raided the costume/makeup closet left over from the school play. Maybe they stayed away from anyone the Royal Family recommended, out of some kind of misguided adolescent loyalty to their disinvited mother?


    2. Maybe they were trying to be visionary fashionistas, but I thought you needed peyote for those kinds of visions.

      I saw a pic of Pippa, looking very bridal herself. Gorgeous dress, she should hang onto it for when she gets married. Kate’s dress reminded me very much of Grace Kelly’s. (ha! I just looked it up, apparently everyone else saw the similarity, too).


      1. Kate had a second dress that she changed into for the reception, and I liked it even better. The first dress was beautiful, but I am not a bitg fan of a lotta lace. The party dress was also white, but much more streamlined, without a train or anything. If I were Pippa, I’d want to borrow that one to get married in (d’you think millionaire’s kids borrow clothes from one another?)

        Prince Harry’s date looked supa-trashy, IMO:



  3. The people complaining gave the whole thing more publicity than those of us who just watched & enjoyed the spectacle. I mean honestly – that guy who objected to the RAF flyover b/c he’s blaming ENGLAND for what happened to GERMANY in WWII? Puh-leeze.


    1. I don’t understand the complainers, either. I have zero interest in that sort of thing, so I simply didn’t read any of the articles or watch it. Very simple, no? πŸ™‚


      1. What you said, Gypsy. I’ve never lived in a monarchy, owe fealty to nobody’s king or queen, and just thought this was a happy occasion w/a lot of nice music and interesting clothes – I mean, if MY mom could, I’m pretty sure she’d give the whole country the day off on the occasion of her grandson’s wedding. The bitchers & moaners reminded me of those people who go to the IMDB message boards for a film or a series they don’t like, and devote hours of their lives that they’ll never get back, talking in minute detail about how lousy it is. As DD sez, you can always tune into the WOFF channel (that’s what we call it east of the MIssissipi – out Portland way I guess it’s KOFF)


  4. Mary, just like you said! πŸ˜‰

    Life can be difficult enough. Therefore, I seek out things that I enjoy and give me pleasure. I can’t imagine wasting my time on things I don’t like. Or, spending time knocking those who do enjoy those things.

    The creepiest thing is when someone will set up websites like, “I hate (fill in name of celeb)”. eek!


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