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Come on, September! (Dispatch from the Zone)

HMFIC has decided to retire! No date yet, but very likely September! :::picture me doing happy dance!:::


The question now becomes, will the rest of us still have jobs down the road?

Interestingly, HMFIC did not bathe in his perfume this morning. I did not smell him before I got to our area. Hmmm. Very odd. Another guy that I’ve not bothered to talk about is retiring as of TODAY, and is actually worse than HMFIC because he is far more obnoxious, but I’ve had to have very little to do with him. What a relief, though. He’s been counseled by HR, management, etc. on his behavior and basically his response was always ‘f-off’. I don’t know why he’s still employed, why they didn’t can him years ago. I can only presume he has dirt on someone.

What a place. Dilbert’s got nothing on us.


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5 thoughts on “Come on, September! (Dispatch from the Zone)

  1. Congrats DD! May I do the happy dance with you:) I hope you all do have a job afterward. But may I ask why would you think that you all would not? Also is the guy who tell people to f off British, lol.


    1. Haha! 🙂 No, he’s not a Brit, just a redneck. Thoroughly obnoxious, thinks he walks on water, and was surprised that the company did not want to pay him as a part-time consultant once he leaves… Talk about ego.

      They’re doing more outsourcing, had a big web conference this morning with one of the VPs. Luckily we are not affected (yet), but that could change at any time.


  2. “Interestingly, HMFIC did not bathe in his perfume this morning. I did not smell him before I got to our area. Hmmm. Very odd.”

    Please please write a flash fiction (or a whole book for that matter) that begins with these sentences.

    Dancing as I write this!


    1. Thanks! 🙂 It’s such a relief. I hate to seem age-ist, but all these old coots like HMFIC and the Redneck are so hard to work with.

      I’ll have to think about a flash fiction piece, or work him into a novel someday. But it won’t be pretty. 😉


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