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Cast of Players

I’ve been mulling over the vampire novel, and decided I need another character, another foil. It just wasn’t working with the characters already in there, I need more people. So, I’m expanding the cast by at least one, possibly more later.

You know what this means, right? MASSIVE re-write coming. Got some ass-kicking to do with these people. I think I’ve finally got a way to force Anne-Marie to shape up, in more ways than one. I’ve already got two picks for a name for this new character, not sure which one I’ll go with yet. And the way I go, neither one will last long anyway.

So, I’m going to party with my vampires this weekend and see where we end up. In the meantime:

And yes, that is my terrible handwriting.

Isn’t that the best sticky-note EVAR?


12 thoughts on “Cast of Players”

  1. OOh, I’m intrigued. Is the new character male or female? Vampire or civilian? American or European?

    I recognized your handwriting right away, from our pre-digital days. Somehow it made me nostaligic.


  2. Well, it’s still in flux. Ok, truth is, I don’t like to get too specific about characters that I’m still working up/over/on/whatever. At the moment I’m thinking female vamp, but haven’t gotten as far as thinking about nationality yet. I’ve roughed out a couple scenes, but not sure where I want to drop them in yet, or how I’m going to work this character in even.

    Re: handwriting, I was considering doing a post handwritten, and scanning it in. Not sure everyone will be able to read my chicken scratches though.


  3. I’m intrigued too, DD. And try not to stress about revisions. I’ve never regretted any R that I ever did. The hard work always ends up being so worth it! So have fun with it. Embrace all the possiblities…:)

    My handwriting is so bad that i could leave my diary open in the midst of Times Square and not have to worry about anyone being able to read it.


    1. MIne’s kind of an acquired taste – some people find it frightening, but I have also had perfect strangers stop to tell me how pretty it is. Now my writing on the chalkboard is another story – I’m a lefty and I can’t ever get a proper angle.


  4. I’m sure any revisions I make will only improve it 😉 It does seem a bit daunting to make major structural changes to the storyline at this point, however.

    I could never write on chalkboards legibly in school. My cursive writing is better than my hastily printed note above, I actually had someone once ask me if I was a teacher because he thought it was so neat! Whatever. I’m so used to it, I don’t really think too much about it. It reminds of that old saying: “My face, I don’t mind it/ For I am behind it / It’s others who’ll get the start!”


  5. I can definitely see a scene with all the vampires taking a break drinking Margaritas… if only they could do it in the sun on the beach, but a moonlit beach sounds just as good!


  6. Haha, margaritas by moonlight. I like it! 🙂 At least get them all together for a cast meeting to discuss everyone’s roles. Margaritas in the boardroom? Why not!


  7. Hi DD, I would be interested to know about your new character when times come:) About your handwriting it is not bad at all if I can read it and not scratching my head to try to figure it out.

    Do you have a Margarita on ice for me 🙂

    P.S. nice banner. The first time I seen it I thought how peaceful it made me feel. (I know it is only temporary).


  8. Hehe, one margarita coming right up 😉

    Not sure how long I’ll have that header image up, you know how I like to change things, but I’m really liking it right now.


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