A Little Solidarity

Never thought I’d see the day when Norway was the object of terrorist attacks. It’s too soon to know much about who was behind it all today, and thankfully no one I know or am related to was personally affected. My heart goes out to the victims and their families during this awful time, after these senseless killings.

Thanks to ralfast for posting this on his blog today, and introducing me to a new gothic music composer, Adrian Von Ziegler. It fits my mood at the moment.

Vi er så få her i landet, hver fallen er bror eller venn – Nordahl Grieg 

Translation: We are so few in this country, every fallen one is a brother or a friend.

9 thoughts on “A Little Solidarity

  1. Thanks, Tasha. It’s almost incomprehensible in little, peaceful Norway. The Prime Minister made a wonderful speech, though, reassuring, a voice of calm and reason, calling for “more democracy” and fighting back with ‘humanity.’ I’m so proud of them.


  2. And most of them were just kids. You know I’ve been teaching a summer school class, and all these bright, cute, funny, hyper, oversensitive teenagers have been running around underfoot, with our biggest problem being who’s gossipping about whom, and why isn’t the residence hall airconditioned – the idea of anyone wanting to hurt any of them is devastating.


  3. Here’s hoping. They are a strong people, and I’m so impressed with the outpouring of caring and concern for eachother at such a difficult time. In the US there would be angry screeds and people using it to further their own political agendas. I haven’t seen any of that coming out of Norway.


  4. The hymes are beautiful and so fitting to the incident. It sadden me too when the innocents are hurt and people think/don’t think about what affect they will have on another person or generations.


  5. He apparently did a great deal of thinking about what effect he thought he was achieving. He sees the Labour Party as ‘traitors’ to the country, so in his mind they deserved to die. He’s a psychopath, absolutely no regard for the suffering he has caused, the obscenity of what he did. I can’t even feel anger or hatred towards him, at least not yet. I’m still numb from the shock.


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