Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins

UPDATE… UPDATE… UPDATE … 9/22/2011 New photo of the cast, and it’s not what I’d feared. Depp is even looking a little like Jonathan Frid, the original Barnabas, in this shot.


Here we go, folks. First look at him in full makeup. Fair warning: it’s not good.

I think he looks more like “Edward Scissorhands meets The Mask” than Barnabas Collins. Seriously, how is this guy supposedly functioning as a member of the community looking like a comic book character? All my hope for this movie just went up in smoke.


13 thoughts on “Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins

  1. rosie49 says:

    Oh dear, he reminds me more of Jack Nicholson as The Joker in the first Batman movie back in the ’80’s! But sometimes Tim Burton pulls it out at the end…. let’s hope.


  2. Digital Dame says:

    Let us hope.

    Some of the comments I saw suggested it might even be done in B&W, and that would take care of the outrageous makeup, but I kind of doubt that. It really is extreme makeup, there were also comparisons to his turn as the Mad Hatter a couple years ago. Camp is one thing, this looks downright farcical. And yes, there is still a large fanbase and people who remember the original series (another commenter asked if anyone was left who actually knew the original series!!). I think Burton’s losing his touch, kind of like George Lucas self-destructed with the last 3 Star Wars movies.


  3. Digital Dame says:

    Even “Sleepy Hollow”, as surreal as the sets were on that, didn’t look this weird. I think Burton has lost site of his target audience, the real DS fans. “Alice in Wonderland” was basically a flop (I still do not forgive him for the breakdancing sequence at the end), and his “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” tanked. He needs to get a clue that people are just not that into his weird caricatures.


  4. Digital Dame says:

    Exactly. I was all over Johnny as Barnabas, but GEEEEZUZ, that makeup is just hideous. There are so many other ways they could have gone, but it appears they want to make it into a cartoon. We all know both Johnny and Tim like to push the envelope, I guess we should have expected something like this. I admit I am disappointed. It may be interesting in its own right, but it seems it will bear little resemblance to the series, which may be exactly what Burton wants. I just shudder to think what to expect with the other characters now: Quentin, Angelique, Magda, etc. Are they all going to look this freakish?


    • maryjblog says:

      It’s almost like he’s being influenced by all those graphic novels out there, but hell, Robert Rodriguez pulled that off in “Sin City” without making anybody look ridiculous.


  5. Digital Dame says:

    Burton’s style has always been more surreal, though. The original series retained its fanbase and has been popular for so long because viewers were sympathetic to the characters, they could identify with them and their struggles. We rooted for Barnabas and Quentin, because we cared about them. I don’t think this look is going to inspire that kind of emotion, and if the audience doesn’t like the characters, it’s going to go down in flames. He’s alien and frightening looking, which some may say a vampire should be, but it’s so out there, it will be difficult if not impossible to care about this Barnabas Collins.


  6. maryjblog says:

    I’ll admit I was not a big fan of the original, and I could actually kinda go for alien and a little frightening, but he just looks silly.


  7. Digital Dame says:

    As a child I loved the show, although I’ll admit when I saw episodes again as an adult (I think SyFy Channel ran it briefly?) the acting was almost painful to watch. It was BAD. However, it was all the supernatural stuff that I loved as a child (ok, I’ve always been a little creepy and weird I guess). I wouldn’t have expected a direct 1-1 remake, nor would I want it. We’ve seen the original, give us another dimension to it. But as you say, it looks silly, it’s taking it in the realm of the ridiculous, a Saturday morning kiddie show. I’m sure it will have its spooky elements, but I would have preferred seeing more grounding in the old myths, more about Magda and the Roma. Like I said earlier, there are so many directions this could have gone, and he seems to have chosen the path of silliness. The extreme makeup isn’t creepy or atmospheric. All I can think is ‘cartoonish.’


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