I Shouldn’t Oughta Do This…

But, well, turns out I have no willpower to resist the pleas of a dear friend to wade once again into the fray of NaNoWriMo. Plus I stupidly logged into the site yesterday and started getting caught up in the excitement and preparatory events. My old author photo is gone so I’ll have to dredge up something. The raccoon again? Hmm. Perhaps for the time being I will use my Twitter avatar so people can be sure it’s me if they want to add me as a friend there. When they launch the “Buddies” feature, you can add me as buddy if you like.

So all that remains now is to come up with an idea for a NaNo novel. Umm… oh hell, I’ve got 18 days. Lots of time.

8 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Oughta Do This…

  1. Haha 😉 It was the best thing I ever did to get myself in the habit of writing on a regular basis (read: every day). I really got serious after the first year I did NaNo. I didn’t win it that year, but I did the next year. But I understand it’s not for everyone. It was a huge shift in priorities for me.


  2. YAY!!! Now I have to “put up or shut up!” But I love the whole whirlwind of it and the excuse to caffeinate myself with pumpkin spice lattes…..


    1. Naw, it’s fine, I really enjoy the whole thing. NaNo is fun, even if you don’t ‘win’ it. I’m sure I’ll get something good accomplished, and honestly it was hard to sit on the sidelines last year and not participate. I guess I like a good challenge! 🙂


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