Prague in Winter

Ok, I’m still screwing around, not writing, but I had to share this. My Prague obsession is fully in place and getting a boost from this. Karen Mahoney of Baba Studio and Magic Realist Press in Prague, creators of the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, Victorian Romantic Tarot, Bohemian Cats Tarot, etc.,  posted this on their Facebook page, and I just had to share it with you guys. Karen thinks the videographer paid more attention to the Christmas market in Old Town than a native would have, but what do I care? I’m not a native, I’ll look at anything Prague-related.  Is it too early for Christmas-y stuff? Tough noogies. The final view out the window at the river is kind of what I envision Andrej, the MC in my vampire novel, seeing when he looks out his apartment window.

11 thoughts on “Prague in Winter

  1. Wow that video is super clear! That must be some HD stuff! The video is really nice and the view from the window too. It looks very calm and relaxing. John and I was watching on the news about Prague. He mention it is only a 6 hour drive from us. I was like get out of here. I thought it would of been far. He said if I have interest we can go next summer. So DD if your in the Stuttgart area next summer your welcome to stay with us and we can drive up to Prague. Don’t say no or anything just think about it and let’s see how things work out. You will just need plane expense, gift expense, and restaurant expense. No need to think about hotel stay unless if we do this trip for a weekend. But the weekday is on the house:)


  2. You are so sweet, thank you so much for the offer!! I will definitely give it serious consideration, no joke. Life is short, I’ll have to find a way.

    Yes, the video is beautifully done. If you go to Philip Bloom’s Vimeo Web site he has tons more. He’s obviously very professional and good at what he does. I could have stared at the waves in the river for hours. I just might if I make it over there 😉


  3. Wow, gorgeous. Hey, DD, startingover, have you guys ever seen a movie called “Last Holiday” w/ Queen Latifah? A fancy resort hotel in Prague figures prominently, and it’s a sweet little comedy besides. I’ll bet you two would enjoy it…


  4. Nope, never seen it. I like to watch “XXX”, the Vin Diesel flick for a Prague-fix. Part of it Is filmed in Prague and has some great shots of the Moldau and the bridges during the car-chasing-boat scene at the end.


  5. I commented earlier but something happened.

    I love the photo not to mention your candor about not writing. You pen beautifully so it would behoove the world if you did it more.

    I’m just saying.



  6. Karen frequently puts up some incredible pictures of things that go on there, various pageants with people dressing like it’s the Middle Ages and so on. There’s so much history there, and it just fascinates me.


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