Meet Rowena

I was trolling on EBay this morning, and BAZINGA! This is the spitting image of one of the new vampire characters in my NaNo novel, right down to the shade of lipstick. Even the hairstyle is almost exactly as I envisioned her.  Ok, it’s a little creepy, being wrapped in plastic like this, but what the hell? She’s a vampire, she doesn’t have to breathe.

She’s not the focus of the story, but holy cow, I couldn’t resist stealing the photo when I saw it. I haven’t really been able to think of any public personalities, celebs, movie stars, who would work. I might have to get this doll and dress her like the character. (I’m allowed to be neurotic, no?) Now if only I could find one for the character whose backstory IS my NaNoWriMo novel. Hmmm…

UPDATE: 11-16-2011

Here’s a less creepy photo, sans plastic head wrap.

Better hope I don’t find them for all my characters, these things are expensive!

8 thoughts on “Meet Rowena

  1. I doubt I’ll be able to buy the doll, there’s already a bidding war in progress on her. When I found her yesterday, her price was already above $50. I know nothing about dolls, I don’t collect them or anything, but once I found this one I started doing a little checking when I saw how much she was going for. Looks like she’s put out by a company called Tonner, and their dolls seem to be hugely collectible. A fully dressed one (in any of various outfits) seems to go for well over $200!! If I could find one relatively inexpensive I might go for it, but I’m not that interested 🙂


  2. It’s amazing how some of these characters pop into my head fully realized, and others I struggle to visualize. I literally caught my breath when I saw this image, she’s so close to my mental picture of Rowena. I couldn’t even tell you now what I was looking for that brought this up in the search!


  3. It’s always fun to find the face of a character.

    But I’d say it’s an advantage not to show the face to the readers, because they can then make up their own. If one just adds a few descriptions, the readers will fill the rest out themselves, with their ideal faces/images and it’ll be more room for their favorite look.


  4. Yes, I thought of that. But since she’s actually a minor character it didn’t seem like there was much harm in putting it up. I was just so surprised to find the doll, and I still can’t remember what I was looking for that lead to me finding it. Most of my characters have pretty vague descriptions, I don’t get into detailing everything about them like a romance novel. Since there’s little real danger of anyone actually ever reading the thing it seemed safe enough anyway 😉


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