Miniature Mania

Has begun.

I’ve ordered my first pieces of furniture to begin building my darling vampire Andrej’s apartment. And thanks to Submerina I’m now looking into making a few things for this new venture. At the moment I’m interested in making tiny books for the apartment (Andrej collects books) and hopefully other things. So in my search for how-to’s and ideas and inspiration, I ran across the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. This place is massive:

The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan (MMOT) is the first museum in Asia that has a collection of modern miniature artworks covering an area over six hundred and sixty square meters. The museum was founded on March 28, 1997 by Mr Lin Wen-ren and his wife; it is located in Taipei City, Taiwan.
For more about the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

The level of detail is breathtaking, down to lighted miniature candelabras on the dining table. It’s a long video, and frankly I would have preferred a slideshow to click through at my own pace, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

I have a feeling I never should have started down this road.

14 thoughts on “Miniature Mania

  1. Miniature… Museum…? *dies a thousand, tiny deaths*

    The easiest way to make books (from the days before internet and printers) is to get yourself a couple of those mail-order reading cataloques (the ones that send you stuff you didn’t order and then continue to charge your CC for 7 years ;)) and cut the “covers” out, paste them on thick card et voila! Instant rich people’s library – hee.

    Or you can just, you know, lose your mind completely:


  2. OH MY GOD!! :::faints:::

    Ok, wait, do you have any pics of ‘books’ made with these catalog covers? What kind of cards are you talking about sticking them to?


    1. Makes you want to go sit in a cave – with really good lighting and an ergonomic desk – and just makes teeny weeny eeny things for the rest of your life, hey?!

      Sorry, I don’t have any pics from the “before times” 😦 I used to use heavy card stock/mounting board, the kind you would use for eg. mounting photos. It’s not as heavy as framing card – you can cut it with a few swipes of a craft knife – and I’ve only ever seen it in white. If you want a thicker book, you just glue a couple of pieces to each other to build it up (like a stacked heel :)).

      To cover the book, wrap a coloured piece of paper around the front, spine and back. Then glue the cover that you cut from the catalogue to the front. if you’re feeling really ambitious, cut a thin strip of pritned origami paper to wrap the spine, old timey like.

      This kind of book is great for stacking on coffee tables or for filling library shelves. It will help you achieve the appearance you’re looking for, while you develop your *leet* miniature skills and learn how to bind individual tiny works of literature 😉


  3. I love your new venture, DD! And I’m feeling that I might catch the “bug”. I’ve always loved the thought of having a miniature dollhouse one day.

    btw, your new avatar is great.

    And thanks to Submerina for those tips!


    1. Re: Avatar – Thanks, Tasha. I am still considering buying the doll and dressing her up like Rowena. Dang she’s a lot of money, tho.

      I have so many ideas now for decorating Andrej’s apartment 😉 This thing is starting to have a life of its own.


  4. Oh my goodness that dollhouse video is amazing! The stuff look so realistic and nicely set up. Which piece of furniture did you order first? Oh it is okay I am sure you will blog about it. I am like getting so excited for you. I love the idea and all!


    1. It’s incredible, isn’t it? And yes, as soon as the furniture arrives I’ll do a blog post about it, probably try some mock-up. I’m thinking parquet flooring now… 😉


  5. Thanks, Susannah! Well, whether I have any talent in this arena remains to be seen. No doubt there will be a learning curve, I just hope it won’t be too awful!


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