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Holiday Greetings

To all my friends and blog visitors around the world, wherever you are: down under in Oz, over in the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, the US, or anyplace else, this is for all of you. Please click on the photo below to see a little ‘thank you’ to everyone who has visited my blog this year.


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7 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings

  1. What a lovely little greetingi! I’m imagining that it’s Christmas Yet to Come, and that the dog at the end is one of those labradors rescued from that bad situation in Monmouth County, safe and happy in his new home on Xmas 2012.

    BTW, Ms Syrdal, for a woman who was beefing about being without much Christmas spirit, you have located some awfully cute cards this year! I hope the jolliness is sneaking gradually into your heart, and continues to do so. Have a peaceful Solstice – it’s an especially important holiday, I think, for someone who believes in the beauty of darkness…


  2. I think I bought the cards back in Sept, on special πŸ˜‰

    Most of it is just going through the motions, you know, keeping up appearances. Not that I don’t actually hope other people have a nice holiday, but if we didn’t have all this stuff to do, it wouldn’t bother me.


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