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A handful of us on Twitter (@NateCrowder, @BeritEllingsen, @SolangeNoir, @GrumpyMartian, @ChrisGNguyen, @MelissaDominic ) have banded together… um, decided to consider ourselves part of eachother’s Virtual Writer’s Colony (#ViWriCo).Β Since we’re spread around the world and across the country, we’re probably all going to have to travel, so location is wide open. Nate tweeted out his own ideal of what this would look like, and asked us what ours would be.

So herewith, my personal take on the ideal setting for a real world writer’s colony, should any of us somehow find ourselves in possession of millions and millions of dollars not earmarked for anything else.

I would set it in Mendocino, California (I thought about going someplace more exotic like Greece, but then nobody would want to stay indoors and write). I’ve always wanted to go there, and for those who remember “Murder, She Wrote” that’s where it was filmed. I have a thing for rugged coastlines. It’s similar to the Oregon coast which I love, but the weather is better! I like Nate’s idea of separate cottages for each of us, so I’d put a row of cottages overlooking the ocean, and there would be redwoods nearby for hiking. The town is bikable, or walkable, plenty to see and do if we get bored or need to get a massage. The beach would be right there for those mandatory long walks while we work out plot details.

The cottages would have a bedroom, sitting/work area with desk and chair, kitchenette if you want to closet yourself away. They would all lead to a ‘clubhouse’ building, where we could gather to talk, get critiques, take meals together indoors or out. I’d have each cottage decorated in a different theme –

1920s art deco,

Victorian hunting lodge,

French country,

Spanish mission,


American colonial,


Southwestern (for Nate)

I think we’ve got a spare there but no doubt the colony will increase by one or two.

I’d also have a fabulous library built on the property. If you’re gonna dream, dream big!

23 thoughts on “Virtual Writers Colony

  1. It’s a lovely idea to have the cottages decorated in different styles! Love the contemporary, French country and Art deco interiors!

    And the location is nice! I hear Greece and Spain are terribly warm in summer, so it’s nice to be somewhere not as schorching.


  2. Wouldn’t this be fun? πŸ™‚ and of course we can decorate to our own tastes. I can imagine Greece would be stifling in summer, and I don’t do well in extreme heat. Anything over 80ΒΊF/25ΒΊC and I get cranky.


  3. Ha! Love it! You are hereby head decorator for our little writer cottages.
    Hadn’t seen Nate’s post. Heading over to look at that now.
    Not sure what place I’d choose. Quiet would be important, and nowhere cold.


    1. Hmm, not sure how cold Mendocino gets. It’s on the coast so it probably gets windy, and it’s northern CA, so it’s not like San Diego or LA. But it can’t be too bad πŸ™‚ Lots of charm and history there, the town goes back to when the Russians had outposts in CA (which most people have either forgotten or never knew about). I believe Fort Ross is named for them, Ross being an old word for Russian.


    1. HAHAHAHA πŸ˜€ I forgot to mention that after my divorce one of my sisters and I kicked around the idea of opening some kind of spiritual retreat there. I could do the Tarot readings, and I’m not sure what she was going to do. She’s an attorney by trade πŸ™‚ The area has always fascinated me. My sis is in the SF Bay Area, where I lived for nine years, and I’m in OR now, so clearly it never came to pass. Ah well.


  4. I love it! I also love rocky coasts and the general Mendocino area.
    All of the themed cottages are dreamy. If I were designing my own cottage, completely irrespective of location, I might even go Moroccan. But the SW one is so lovely I’m sure I could make it work. πŸ˜€


  5. Hehehe, they’re from all over the web πŸ™‚ Despite all the fussing with the decor, I’m really not all that concerned about my writing environment, as long as I have a comfortable chair and enough space. It would just be fun to have something so removed from ordinary life that you could completely disconnect and focus on writing, creating our own ‘sacred space,’ so to speak.


  6. Thanks, Tasha πŸ™‚ The Art Deco was not my fav representation of that style, but there seems to be a resurgence of it, only ‘updated,’ and I didn’t like most of what I found. I really love Art Deco.


  7. You just don’t know I am typing with a big giant smile from ears to ears. I am about to grab my chef hat and pack up all my pots and pans….when are we going?!?!? Watch out neighbors of the French country crazy loud laughing lady is on her way!!!


  8. DD, a bunch of us at #writercult are doing the same in October!! We’re thinking Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada – google it for gorgeous old houses and tranquil villages…

    Don’t you just love writers’ retreats?!?


  9. Oh you’re doing it for real! I’m envious. This is just wool-gathering here πŸ˜‰ We just started thinking about what we’d do if money were no object.


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