Something About January

Ok, Jersey, you must know about these guys. I just recently discovered them, and must share. Joe Parella has such a wonderful voice, and they are so talented. Anyone in New Jersey, they are playing the Stone Pony on May 6th.

You know me, I swoon over anyone who can pull off acoustic. Take it away, Joe, with an excellent cover of Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide.”

And here’s one of their own, The Cities That Saved Us

So, if anyone can get down to the Stone Pony on May 6th, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get video of their performance. And get up in the front row and make a lot of noise on my behalf, thanks. OH, and the show is free! And free is a very good price. It’s been a battle of the bands competition and they’ve been steadily progressing. So somebody needs to go root for them for me, since there’s no way I can make it back for this. :::shakes fist at … not sure what:::

You can check out their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter @SAJ_NJ and the guys @joe_parella (lead vocals and guitar) @JoeyPapz (Joe Cowell) @JonR0dney (that’s a zero in R0dney) on bass, and @ludvista29 (Mike Linardi on drums). If you’re in Sparta, NJ area, Mike’s organizing a bus to take you down to Asbury Park for the show, hit him up on Twitter for more info. I’m not sure which one does most of the tweeting on behalf of the band but he’s also a very good photographer, and fun to chat with.

Let’s hear it for Jersey! W00t!

5 thoughts on “Something About January

  1. I know the Stone Pony, Patti Smith used to play there many moons ago and still, from what I hear, pops in from time to time. Oregon promoting Jersey, not that’s a first. Something about January sounds great. Thanks Dame.


  2. NJ does produce some excellent musicians. The Stone Pony is of course forever linked with The Boss. One of my sisters ended up sitting next to him there one time 😉 I like to know the place is still going strong.


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