Post-Recon Decompress

After I drove out to the interview site yesterday to scope it out (the place is huge, what a jumble of buildings) I stopped off at my favorite park on the way home and took some pictures. Lots of baby ducks and geese, water irises were blooming (although slightly past peak, it looked like) the lily pads are coming back.

Here are a few shots from the same location I posted about back on December 31. I like to see the changes with the seasons. I had to keep myself from squeeing over the babies and scaring them to death.

baby duck with lily pad

Dawson Creek pond & shade 5-10-12

ducks and irises 5-10-12 P1080361C P1080389C



red-winged blackbird 5-10-12

P1080419CThe Mr



Tree P1080407C

17 thoughts on “Post-Recon Decompress

  1. I can tell that your thoughts were reflecting on those things you hold dear after your visit to your (next employer?). I do the same things too. When you experience something different, out of the ordinary, it’s nice to go back to that which makes us feel at home…at peace with ourselves. There’s a place here where I live that I go too, to feel at peace. It’s called Pier Park and it has a lot of ducks and Canadian Geese. It sometime looks like there’s a surf war…oops…turf war between all the ducks and geese.

    I hope that you felt some positive vibes from your visit to that concrete jungle, and I hope your interview goes well. As always, wonderful photographs, It takes a compassionate eye to see the beauty in our world. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Jeff! Yes, it’s nice to retreat to some place that calms and centers after a stressful day. All I did yesterday was drive out and make sure I could find the right building on Monday so I wouldn’t be late! That’s all I needed, though, and it was nice to walk and take pictures and spend some time in a more peaceful location.


  2. I love these. Could be Central Park. Thought of you today. Saw Dark Shadows. Hmm….Again, you always take such beautiful photos and I remember the ones in Dec.


    1. Ooo, how was DS? Seems to be getting good reviews. I’m still hoping for a more horror/gothic film version, or even a resurrection of the series someday. I know they’ve tried in the past and they’ve flopped, but I still hold out hope for it someday πŸ™‚


      1. Well, I liked it and couldn’t wait for it to be over all at the same time. Go figure. It’s quite lavish with a weak script in my humble opinion. I love Johnny Depp who’s wonderful.


      2. heh πŸ™‚ The weak script doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t have much hope for it when I heard who was writing it. The original series wasn’t Emmy material either, but Grahame-Smith is a whole new low, very sophomoric. I’m almost surprised Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler weren’t in it. Seems like their fortΓ©.


  3. These shots are gorgeous! And fitting to new beginnings. Enjoy your day on Monday, too.


  4. These are lovely photos! I especially like the one of the bench behind some gnarled and ancient looking trees. Thanks for the virtual walk in your park!
    Best of luck!


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