Dangling Pentacles

Some of you may have noticed the Dangling Pentacles blog is down. I had purchased the domain, but wrongly thought that when the subscription ran out, the title would revert to one of the URL’s that included the word ‘wordpress’ in it. It does not. To renew now would cost me more than setting up a self-hosted blog on another hosting company’s server (like my ddsyrdal.com blog on Bluehost). They want $106 to reinstate it. Ain’t happening. I’m gambling on the domain name being released for registration, which apparently may never happen, but if it does, I’ll re-up it then for $26. Failing that, I will be setting up another blog, as yet unnamed, for my Tarot site. Annoying, but what can you do? My fault for thinking it would simply revert the title to a free WordPress blog.

So, danglingpentacles.com may or may not be back. If I don’t get it back, I’ll have to think of something else. My apologies to my readers, and handful of subscribers. With luck, DanglingPentacles will be back, but if not the content will return at least. I’ve exported the files and will import them to the new blog when the time comes.

10 thoughts on “Dangling Pentacles”

  1. Apparently I’m getting hit with some kind of late-fee for not renewing in time. I think the basic price for a unique domain via WP is like $17, then if you want the anonymous registration so no one can look up who owns the site on WhoIs, it’s extra (which I sprang for). That way it shows as registered to WP, and doesn’t give your name and location. I have no intention of coughing up $100 for this thing when I can easily create a new free blog. All I have to do now is come up with a name for it.


  2. The everlovin’ fyukc?? $106 :O I had noticed, but thought that there was something wrong with my phone bookmark (d’oh!), as I always check for updates at work. Did you lose everything, or did you do backups? Hope you get it sorted!


  3. So far it’s all still there, but I did export the files to my computer. I think it only took text (says it included comments, all pages) but no images so it’ll all have to get recreated. Oh well, live and learn. Good thing the blog wasn’t too extensive.


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