Death by New Job

…and this is about how I feel at the end of the first week:


Gracie wants to know why I’m not getting her dinner.

The bus driver is a psycho, zooming through city streets and 25MPH zones at speeds well over the limit (I can’t see his speedometer, but I can guess by the way he passes so many cars and honks at the ones who pull out in front of the bus). I expect crashes every second, but so far everyone has escaped unscathed. I heard him laughing at one point, I think it must be game to him. Maybe he watched “Speed” one too many times. Take note, Trimet, you have some disturbed drivers. I’ve learned not to look out the windows in the front of the bus. I just try to get REALLY INTERESTED in all the shops we pass on the way so I don’t think about what’s going on in traffic.

So I survived the bus ride to the MAX, and got most of the way home before the area I was sitting in was swarmed by somewhere around 15 members of a gang. The one closest to me reeked of pot. I hoped it was only that, and they were just feeling mellow. And let me tell you, you never saw anyone so interested in the book they were reading as I was this afternoon. Some of their conversation consisted of reminiscing about going somewhere while tripping on mushrooms. All ended well for me, but I felt bad for the guy sitting across from me who was still on the train when I got off at my stop.

I made it home, and am working on my second martini.


18 thoughts on “Death by New Job

  1. Bottoms up! Sounds like a rough afternoon. Here’s to the evening being a lot better! 😉


  2. Oh My, it sounds like NYC mass transit in the time of Bernie Getz….. when the Big Apple had a “wormy” kind of charm. But usually the bus drivers weren’t the psychos.
    I’m a terrible back-seat driving bus passenger, too. It’s not like I could actually drive the bus, but like you, I have to sit somewhere in the middle of the coach so I can’t see the traffic. Maybe it’s a control thing?


    1. I’m sure that’s part of it. I’m so used to driving myself anyplace I need to go. I haven’t been a passenger in years. Maybe he’s from Chicago, they love to lay on the horn there.


  3. Actually, I have to say, despite what I wrote above, I only have praise for the public transit (bus and underground) here. The system runs wonderfully efficiently in that stereotypical German way. 😉

    As for the driving of the bus drivers…yeah, I usually have my nose in a book because I don’t want to see. I’m sure all of us have funny stories to share.


    1. I wish the US could figure it out. We’re so car-centric here, there’s never been much incentive to improve the mass transit. The automobile lobby does whatever it can to squash funding for public transit. Makes me feel a little guilty for being a AAA member.


  4. The Street Cars here are nice, and they’re on a track so…less swerving. Pretty damn noisy though.


  5. Whuterr yuo cplainin about, wummin? Leastn you gotn drikn! ;D

    I shouldn’t laugh at your pain, but then, you shouldn’t draw hilarious pictures of your cat lying sloshed on the floor next to you. She *is* tanked, right? It’s unhealthy to drink by yourself.


  6. LOL, hi DD, loving the picture it goes greatly with the title and the post. I smiled once saw the photo and busted out laughing with the second Martini. DD it will get better. The first two weeks are always a bit crazy at work and dealing with new drivers. You will get use to it all even the mellow people, lol.

    Gosh do I love public transportation just because of that. Not only learning new places to perhaps explore later. It is the people who ride on the transportation that make a person typical day become a bit more interested.

    Wish I could seen your face expression on the ride. I know it would be priceless, lol


  7. I do love that aspect of public transportation, finding new places and how to get around. I’m trying a different route now, using a park ‘n’ ride to try to cut down how long it takes. We’ll see how this goes.


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