Happy Independence Day

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8 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

    1. I meant John Adams. Just popped in to see what the Dame was up to. Hadn’t seen your reply. I’m just writing what feels like empty prose. Need to start working on something. You too. What happened to that novel you were penning? We need to nudge one another. Hope that doesn’t bother you.


    2. DOH! :::face-palm::: Brain-fade there. 🙂 Yes, had a marvelous time visiting with Ye Olde Gange from the Revolution 😉 Tremendous mini-series, very inspiring.

      The novel has been on hiatus since I started this new job. I’ve hardly written a word in the last month, and it’s making me cranky. Always happy for a nudge from you 😉 Hopefully I can get some writing time carved out on a more regular basis now that things are settling down and I’m adjusting to my new reality.


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