How was *your* commute?

This was mine:

Oh, it started off well enough. Got to the bus stop in time to catch my usual bus… but WAIT! Where’s my bus pass? I LEFT IT IN THE OFFICE. If I try to run back for it, I’ll miss the bus, which means 30 minutes until the next one. Ok, I think, I still have some tickets left in a book I bought before I got the monthly pass. I can use one of those. Which means of course I have to use another one in the morning to get to work.Well, I was kind of wondering what I was going to do with the leftover tickets now that I don’t need them. Eh, ok, I guess I can live with that.

But WAIT! Halfway to the park-n-ride, guess what else I realized I left at the office? My thumb drive, aka MY LIFE. All my writing, everything. Except for a couple of new things I started today and saved to Google Docs. Getting twitchy now. It’s only six miles back to work from the park-n-ride. I kind of had been wanting to clock it anyway, in case I decide to start riding my bike (yes, I know I just said it was 6 miles, but that was according to an online map. I wanted to drive it and see for realz what it was). Being parted from my little flash drive is like cutting off an appendage. So fine, I finally decide I’ll go back and get the stuff.

So back I drives. Park illegally in one of the parking lots, which at this time of day I figure carries minimal risk. Raced back to my building, down the stairs, up the elevator, let myself in to the now-deserted office (good thing they gave me a key or I’d be sitting in the parking lot, sucking my thumb and crying). Tear desk apart, rummage through drawers, consider dumping out the trash because guess what? THE BADGE/BUS PASS IS NOT HERE. No sign of flash drive either. Nooooooo…. it’s too cruel. Can it be? Back out I go, down the elevator, out the building, up the stairs, reach the car, start tossing everything of my backpack. What do I find? BOTH ITEMS. &^%$#@#***!!! Good thing my head is still attached (no telling how much longer that may be true).

So, ok, fire drill for nothing. Get almost home, have to pass the local pool where everyone treats the traffic lane like the loading zone at the airport: Stop all traffic to let their urchins climb out and run in to the pool. I unloaded (verbally) at the one in front of me. See, this backs traffic up out into the intersection, blocking people from being able to turn onto the street at all. Why is this allowed? Don’t ask me. Then of course there’s the Thursday night concert at the park on the other side of the road, so everyone not going to the pool is just circling like vultures, trying to find a parking spot. Then I nearly hit Douchebag #2 who’s standing outside the driver’s side of his car, door standing open, while he (yes, HE) brushes his hair. BRUSHES HIS HAIR. Seriously, we ought to be allowed to shoot them on sight. Or at least run them over. No?

I’m not worried about going to Hell when I die. I’m already there.

15 thoughts on “How was *your* commute?

  1. I had to laugh when you said brushing his hair. I just finish looking at a German cartoon explanation of how to use a toilet brush and one of the wrong way was brushing ones hair with it, lol. I am glad that you found everything in your car. I was on the edge of my seat thinking the cleaning lady/man put it up for you. Also happy you did not hit the guy:)


    1. Believe me, I thought about it, though 😉 This wasn’t a young kid, either. This guy had to be 50, and what hair he had was thinning and receding. Oy.


  2. Nice blog D.D., sometimes the desire to get home is so strong that we self sabotage ourselves 🙂 And thumb drive, I presumes that’s another term for usb key, have you tried dropbox?


    1. Yep. Thumb drive, flash drive, USB drive… I don’t like keeping files online in places like Dropbox. They got hacked a few weeks ago, lots of accounts compromised. Makes me nervous. But, at least I wouldn’t be able to forget it at work 😉


  3. What a day the Dame had. I’m crooning, ‘Mama said there’d be days like this there’d be days like this my Mama said…’ So happy you can’t hear me sing, it would add to your challenging day.


  4. Although I know you didn’t think it funny at the time. That was pretty damn funny. yes, in a darwinistic (sp?) utopian alternate dimension the dude coming his hair in traffic should get run over.

    In other news, my Friday is starting off like your Thursday evening.

    Here’s hoping yours is better.

    (and even reading your blog has turned against me as right before I read the email that told me you had a new post…I had one from WordPress saying that my password needed to be changed as they had monitored some suspicious activity. Who in bloody hell hacks a wordpress account and for what purpose?!?!?!)

    Here’s hoping your Friday is better. And since I know you have some military background, you could always “dummy cord’ the thumbdrive.



    1. I’m glad you did think it was funny. 🙂 Sorry to hear my Thursday found it’s way into your Friday. That’s the first I’ve heard of a WP account being hacked, what a hassle. Yeah, I definitely need to come up with a better system for keeping track of Baby (my new name for the flash drive).


  5. I laughed out loud at your “senior moment” when you found both in your back pack. What’s up with the dude brushing his hair? Was it Fabio?


  6. heee, thanks, Chris 🙂 I should have waited though, for the day last week when I almost got t-boned by some senior citizen who didn’t see me and pulled out in front of me, and when I swerved into the right lane to avoid being hit, she kept moving over, still completely unaware of the car next to her. :::smh:::


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