Don’t Sleep Through Health Class

You’ll end up like this guy:

I mean, holy hell. Is he senile? Drunk? Just stupid?
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20 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep Through Health Class

  1. Terrifying, isn’t it? That someone this willfully ignorant could have sway over public policy.

    “I wish the goblins would come and take him away…Right now.” – Sarah, The Labyrinth


  2. Even worse is his “legitimate rape” crack. As ya know…opposed to the so-so kind of violation.


    And these brand of males say they have nothing against women.


    1. John Scalzi sent out a tweet yesterday about what an incredibly awful year this has been for women and women’s rights. These mysogynists seem to embolden eachother by becoming more visible.


  3. SURVEY SAYS!!!!

    Stupid, number one answer.

    And I don’t even think Jarrod can help us with him, better wish that someone like Jason or Freddie visits this dude.


      1. Um….that was my attempt to impress you with my knowledge of the movie Labyrinth…..of course it’s Jareth.
        And look, you can barely see the bruise where I face-planted after attempting major feats of movie-useless-knowledge. I’ll just move back over here now and bandage up my bruised e-go.


  4. Well, with him being from Missouri, he has “Shown Me” how…what’s the word…Stupid…he is. If he’s elected, he would probably tell NASA to hurry up and get back to the Moon because they’re getting low on government cheese!

    Poor Harry Truman. He’s probably telling his fellow spirits that, “That guy can’t be from Missouri!”


    1. Incredibly he seems to still be trying to defend the remark. The GOP has pulled funding and are calling for him to step aside. I think he will have to, eventually.


    1. It’s nearly unbelievable. How can anyone in this day and age be that ignorant? I saw later he and his wife homeschooled their six kids. I don’t think I can calculate the damage.


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