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How I Spent My Saturday

Yuppers, I did it! She’s all mine! The dealer even let me take it out for a test drive, which neither of the other two I went to did. But I was too nervous to take it out on the road, so I just toodled around their enormous parking lot with it a little bit to see how it handled. I can tell my riding skills have already slipped from not using them since September. I knew this would happen, which is why I didn’t want to put off buying a bike too long.

So it’s a 2009 Yamaha V Star 250 (read: small beginner bike), and it’s a lovely dark cherry red color. It only had about 1300 miles on it, practically brand new. I guess because of that it qualified for a 2-year warranty from Yamaha, covers everything (although I did have to pay a little extra for that). I had them deliver it, since I couldn’t drive the car and the bike back to my house (not that I would have attempted to ride the bike all that way anyhow. The dealer I got it from is about 70 miles from my house, down I-5. No way am I ready to ride I-5 on a motorcycle).

The guy who delivered it (on the back of a flatbed truck) thought it was awesome and said he wants to get his sister one (how cute is that??) The guys at the store told me big burly guys like to ride these as commute vehicles because they get about 70 mpg, and leave their big 1100cc bikes for the weekends.

So for the time being at least, it has displaced the car from the garage (I have a one-car garage). Not sure if that’s going to be the permanent arrangement or not.


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    1. Thanks, Esmee! What do you ride? I need SO MUCH practice riding, this is a whole new world for me. I need to find a big empty parking lot and just get acquainted with my new buddy there 😉


  1. That kicks so much Ass, DD! Hope you get to take her out today. With the amount of dedication you’ve give to learning how to ride, you deserve a good time with it!

    Hope she brings you much happiness!


    In the order of Veterans Day…Thank you so very much! 🙂


    1. Thanks on both counts, Eric 🙂 So far this morning it’s cold but dry. Now it’s my turn to drive my neighbors crazy, they’ve been driving me batty with all their power equipment for years 😉


      1. Hahaha! And god knows they’ve started with their stuff earlier than this during the summer. I wish I had someone to ride with, though. I may have to join one of those rider clubs. I think there’s ones for V Star riders. I’ll have to check.


    1. Thanks Lora. That’s awesome about your mom. It wasn’t so common for women to ride years ago (I guess it’s still not, really). I like doing things that people don’t expect girls to do.


      1. You’re welcome and thanks. I think people don’t find it so awkward for females to be the one in control of the bike instead hanging on a man chest, lol, I am sure a lot of men missing the closeness right now. Also I think guys give major respect when they see a female can handle her own. In Italy you will see tons of lady motorcycles more than men. I find it to be like too cool. I know you won’t be able to feel the wind in your hair but you will feel it brushing against you. Now that I call total freedom. Looking forwards to reading about your new adventures!


    You’re going to look right out of that Brando flick…the name escapes me. Congrats on your purchase. Camille is here and said,”That’s alotta shoes.”


    1. Hahahah! :::waving to Camille::: Yes, and the shoes that go with this toy are not sold by Prada, I can tell you that 😉

      I do actually have a jacket that has armor sewn into it in strategic places. (shoulders, elbows, and in back in places). I also have a very good helmet. The guys where I bought the bike told stories of how having the right gear on saved them from injury. We all want to live to ride another day.


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