Looking Back, and Ahead

So. Trying to get back into the groove here and get something posted. I imagine most of us are still reeling from Friday’s events in Newtown, Connecticut. I’ve found it hard to think about much else, myself. So this afternoon I indulged in some escapism and watched “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Not one of the cheerier films in the series and possibly not the best choice, maybe I should have stuck to Jane Austen. And did I mention today is Jane’s birthday? (It’s also the birthday of Arthur C. Clarke, and Philip K. Dick.)


The world was so much simpler then, wasn’t it? Jane never traveled more than 20 miles from her home and yet what a legacy she left.

I love the piano piece in this scene from the 1995 Emma Thompson film version of “Sense and Sensibility’. Bizarrely and inexplicably on the movie soundtrack CD it’s played by a full orchestra, destroying the charm and simplicity of the piece. Sometimes I put the CD on just to listen to this beautiful melody. It’s called “My Father’s Favorite.” Most of the renditions I found online of someone plinking it out on the ivories was less than satisfactory, hence the movie clip.

Anyway, let’s have a card for the week ahead.

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. Seems to fit in with the time period of Jane’s life. Soldiers returning in a triumphal parade, clearly victorious, being cheered by the watching crowds. Wands are Fire, creative energy, with the balance of the six here. The white horse is indicative of purity of intent. This could mean recognition of efforts, being admired, basking in the attention of others. Just don’t let it go to your head.

I drew this card first, wasn’t happy with it and tried shuffling and pulling a couple more times before I decided to go back to this one and go with it. I was hoping for a less martial image, but I find it’s usually best to go with what the cards decide to talk about. It’s a good card, no doubt about that.

Wishing you all victory and success this week.

4 thoughts on “Looking Back, and Ahead

  1. I love Jane Austen…Pride & Prejudice is my favorite book. The Newtown shooting is very heavy in New York. The media is pulling heart strings mean and hard. I already feel it without the onslaught of photos and sad stories. I’m sorry, may sound cold. I always like whatever you post.


  2. Oh the media is nothing if not heavy-handed with stories like this. We’ll be inundated for months, even when there’s no new information. They will do anything to stay on top of the ratings, esp. by milking tragedies like this. It’s a horrible situation, and everyone will deal with it in their own way, we won’t all make a public show of it.


  3. I LOVE that you called this the “Emma Thompson” version. Not sure if you meant it as Thompson the star or Thompson the screenwriter, but if the latter, thanks for crediting the screenwriter for a change instead of the director. Of course, Ang Lee is a brilliant director and did a brilliant job, but Thompson’s screenplay is one of the few versions of Austen’s work that genuinely captures her wit and the underlying theme of economic fate vs. romantic fate.


    1. Well, I guess it was a nod to both. 🙂 She got the Oscar for the screenplay I believe, and deservedly so. I’m only sorry she didn’t do it as a mini-series, like the Firth/Ehle “Pride & Prejudice.” It’s just over too quickly! 😉


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