Kick Rocks, 2012

The general consensus for 2012 seems to be Hasta la vista, Baby!

CA New Years 023

champagne and bubblesAnyone care to join me in a little bubbly?

The only resolutions I have are to pay my bills, keep the house going, and take care of my family. Everything else is gravy.

I decided to pull some cards this evening, asking for “Best advice for 2013”. I used the Shadowscapes Tarot, which is a stunning deck with dreamlike fantastical images by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I’ve had it since it was originally released but don’t use it nearly often enough. Being New Years Eve, one card didn’t seem like enough so I pulled three. (I don’t normally post readings here, I generally keep them on the Dangling Pentacles Tarot blog, but tonight I’ll make an exception) Here are the cards I drew:

Five of PentaclesThe Five of Pentacles speaks of impoverishment, feeling isolated, cast off, left out. The woman pictured is sitting in the middle of some thorny vines, apparently despondent, feeling disconnected both spiritually and physically. The beautiful window above her is out of reach and her outlook is that all good things are out of reach. What she fails to see is the sweet butterfly in front of her, trying to get her attention, and even the thorny vines curling around her have flowers on them. It would be easy to say something trite like ‘all is not lost’ or ‘count your blessings’ but this person is truly in the pits of despair, and telling someone severely depressed to ‘cheer up’ is like telling a blind person to ‘look harder.’ Empty platitudes won’t do. The cards are sensitive to how we are (I am) feeling, and they won’t try to minimize or dismiss it. Sometimes the best thing is to simply acknowledge what someone is going through.

Nine of CupsThe Nine of Cups gives us a whole nother world, one filled with pleasure and joy. The fish are symbols of good luck, and being in the midst of the school of these graceful golden creatures is a joy in itself. Success and pleasure are within our grasp here.  Quoting from the companion book, “The Nine of Cups entices with the pleasure of the senses, satisfaction and wish fulfillment. The future is assured and there is bounty on the horizon.” Cups are associated with water and the emotions, so the despair seen in the Five of Pentacles should soon give way to happier times.

Six of SwordsOh, lovely! The Six of Swords is always a good card to see in a reading. Swords are Air, and most of them indicate worry and stress and mental tension. When the Six shows up, we see a journey away from all those stabbing swords, and crows (which are often associated with death, although I have a great fondness for them. They’re very intelligent). But here we have the person being cradled in the soft pure feathers of the swan, leaving all that worry and mental turmoil behind, heading for a new place to rest and recuperate. The boy snuggles against the swan, relying on her to bear him away with her strength. After a period of intense struggle, it’s time to recoup peace of mind. And I think we all know how stressed I’ve been this year. I can’t even let myself relax and get comfortable even when things, for the moment, seem to be going well because I keep expecting the other shoe to drop. I need this break, this journey away from everything that’s been weighing on me. I need to let the swan carry me to a safer shore. Even my dreams have been dark and frightening lately. Well, thank you, dear cards, for understanding the level of anxiety I’ve been living with and giving me hope.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve had bad times, and read my cards and gotten these sorts of encouraging, hopeful cards that ultimately became reality. I will trust them yet again to tell me things are going to get better.

Sweet dreams, everyone.

6 thoughts on “Kick Rocks, 2012

  1. I love this little reading because it speaks to the truth that the cards usually reflect something you already know, on some deep deep level. In this case, it’s clear that as lousy as you have been feeling, you know it’s possible to change that: you have the strength, you have the knowledge, and most importantly, you have the willingness to be complicit in your own joy. G’wan and rock it in 2013, my friend!


  2. p.s. Have you ever read The Human Stain by Philip Roth? A crow figures briefly but significantly in the storyline.


    1. I haven’t, but I just watched the movie “The Crow” the other day. I’ll have to pick up the book. The companion book to this deck calls them ‘stormcrows’, and one of Gandalf’s names in LotR was “Stormcrow” (I watched Return of the King yesterday). I’ve got crows coming at me from every direction 😉


  3. I checked your site NYE but must have been too early…I’ve been told that God only has one shoe if that helps any, and I love the deck you used. The swan lugging the lady gave me such a nice feeling. Enjoyed what you wrote. Now I want a reading with these cards. See what you did Dame???


    1. Only one shoe, huh? That explains why everyone is perpetually waiting for the other one to drop 😉 This deck is just gorgeous. My only regret about it is that the cards aren’t larger, to see the beautiful paintings better. We’ll talk about a reading for you 🙂


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