Guiding Star

Sorry to be late with this week’s post. I was deep into edits on the vampire novel last night and barely stopped for a bio-break. Happily I’m about 2/3 of the way through the first round of revisions and then I’ll be looking for beta readers to give it a look. I did, however, manage to pull a card just before climbing into bed last night, so here’s our card for the week:


Oh rejoice! The Star (from the Art of Life Tarot) is one of the best cards in the deck. It speaks of hope and happiness, keeping the faith. We’ve passed the trauma of card 16, The Tower, with it’s annihilation of the ego, the tearing down of the familiar, beating us back to bedrock. Now we stand on a clean open plain, gazing at the stars, ready to start over. This is your inner light, your guide. Follow your star. This is the hope of a new day. It’s time to focus on your inner self, your spiritual life, peace and renewal, rebuilding self-esteem, gathering your courage after a rough patch.

The Star is one of the cards that makes or breaks a deck for me. If I don’t like the Star card (and I’m able to see it before purchase), I won’t acquire the deck.

So here we have Van Gogh’s Starry Night, with a fabulous quote from Dante. My vampires like this one very much.

Wishing you starry nights, and your own guiding light.

6 thoughts on “Guiding Star

  1. Lovely! Man, I really want this deck. Every time I see a card from it, it’s just so inspiring. In the past, I haven’t considered the Star one of my make-or-break cards, but it is really disappointing when that card has an ugly illustration.


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