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Circle of Joy

Since I have no news, other than being home sick for the last three days and trying to work from home a bit, I thought I’d share some music.

Here’s a beautiful Celtic harp piece called Circle of Joy, by Lisa Lynne. Windham Hill sticks it on their Celtic Christmas collections, which is fine, but I don’t associate the piece with Christmas (all to the good). Actually there are only a couple of overtly Christmas-y songs on the CD I have, but this is hands down my favorite piece on it (there are a couple of other really good tracks by Carlos Nunez whom I adore as well).

I don’t know the story behind the tune, she may have written it as a Christmas piece. I just think it deserves a wider audience. I’m using some of her music for inspiration as I embark on a new story (yes, in the midst of revising the vampire novel) Enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “Circle of Joy

  1. This song is lovely! The harp has always been a fickle thing for me. I want to love it because it seems to magical, but many times I find I don’t like the sound of its strings. However, I do very much enjoy this song. And yeah, it doesn’t seem like a Christmas song at all (and all the better for it!).


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