The Greater Part of Life is Sunshine

But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine. – Thomas Jefferson

Sun Card from the Touchstone Tarot

The Sun card is exactly what you would think: Success, happiness, achievement of goals and dreams. The sort of feeling you get when everything seems to be going your way. Standing in the sunshine, basking in the wonderful warmth and life-giving light. With spring around the corner we should all be seeing more sun (well, most of us. Maybe not here in the Northwest for awhile yet). The card speaks of more than literal sunshine, it’s dreams coming to fruition, joy. Like the innocent baby merrily sitting astride the lovely white pony, sunflowers reaching to the sky, we’re about to experience abundance, strength, vitality.

White horses have been long held as sacred in many cultures, and heroes and gods and goddesses were often described as riding white horses. Even Gandalf’s horse in “The Lord of the Rings”, Shadowfax, lord of all horses, was white.


So, saddle up my friends. Brighter days are coming.

11 thoughts on “The Greater Part of Life is Sunshine

  1. Brighter days ARE coming DD. Although our local groundhog (yah, my hometown actually has one that a local couple adopted on a trip to rural Pennsylvania a couple years back) predicted 6 more weeks of winter, my beloved Staten Island Chuck, that pugnacious prognosticating rodent from NYC, sez an early spring, and more significant than that, this is the first uncompromisingly cheerful post I’ve seen from you in a while: it warms my heart on this subfreezing Jersey morning. If my two favorite crankypusses are feeling optimistic, it must mean something good’s on the horizon ;D

    Plus I love your new moonscape


  2. I love the new facade. Even though I will miss Apollo I love what you did. Such an optimistic card to draw. Just today I told someone that sun heals…we should all go out and try to find a sliver of it to bask beneath to stimulate hope in our hearts. I was stunned to see that card…and what a beautiful one. Really look forward to your Monday.


    1. What timing πŸ™‚ Hope you get some good weather there to soak up some rays. It is a pretty cards, isn’t it? Even the horse’s bridle is all pretty and ornate.


  3. Love the Rising Moon, and today’s card. Something about babies just makes me smile with optimism. A bunch of folks in my office are expecting in the early summer and I’m digging the optimism of that whole adventure (plus we need those babes to take care of us in our dotage).


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