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Weekly Card, a Little Late

So, I bet you thought I forgot our weekly card draw. I didn’t, but the weekend was so busy I didn’t have time to scan the card in and do the post. So here it is, mid-week. Check in and let me know how your week’s going.

Four of CupsFour of Cups from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan. We have a rather morose little boy with three cups arrayed in front of him, and he doesn’t seem to care to bother with any of them, even the one the lovely mermaid is holding. She’s kind of making the same face he is, whether she’s in the same frame of mind or just mimicking him we don’t know. He’s got choices in front of him, but he’s apparently too mired in boredom to even muster up the interest to notice.

I did get a call from a job agency the other day, which I have yet to call back. I forgot I’d sent them a resume, I’m not even sure when I did. I guess I should follow up on that. Who knows? It could be my ticket out of my current situation.

How’s it with you? Anything on the horizon? Something you need to take another look at?


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7 thoughts on “Weekly Card, a Little Late

    1. P.S. I finally spoke with the agency this morning, they don’t have anything matching what I’m looking for. I didn’t really think they would, but at least I followed up and know.


      1. Keep your chin up! I think that you and I are going through the same rut. I lost my job about a week ago. The restaurant world is a fickle place.

        You’re a very intelligent and kind woman. I know that there’s something out there just waiting for you to find. Hang in there. Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully, the weather will be good for you to go out for some fresh air. If you have any Easter eggs, make sure you open them carefully; I’d hate for you to get face covered by a “head-hugger.” 😉 Alien…that was a great movie. I still get a lump in my throat in the scene where Dallas is pondering the situation, while Mozart’s, Eine kleine Nachmusik, plays in the background. HaHa…lump in my throat…better than lump in my chest! Oh well, take care!
        Blessed Be


      2. Oh no! I’m so sorry 😦 I hope you can find something else soon.

        Thank you for the kind words. We are supposed to have a fantastic weekend here, sunny and mid-70s, which means yard work and washing the car… And somehow squeeze in time for a bike ride. And writing. Always writing.


  1. This is an interesting card and it depicts exactly how I feel. Inertia has settled in. What’s the use, why bother are leading the charge right now. I’m not at my best still physically so I can blame it on that, but only a little. Boredom can’t be a factor when one’s needs are up. any event Dame, I hope you have a happy holiday and it’s always wonderful when you draw and share a card.


  2. I know the feeling. I feel like I’m running in place, and I know I shouldn’t complain. I have a job that pays my bills (barely, but I’m not facing foreclosure yet) and yet … and yet… is this all there is?


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