Putting the Cart Before the Horse

But what the hey, eh?

This weekend has been all editing, all the time. I’m working on the vampire novel, prepping it for a volunteer beta reader, and consequently going over it all AGAIN. I’m happy to report that the scenes that made me tear up or laugh as I was writing them are still having that effect. While that may seem like a strange barometer to a non-writer, as I’m sure you’re all thinking all writers love their own writing, and that’s often true, there’s also the maxim that if your writing doesn’t sweep you away, it won’t have that effect on your readers either. If you don’t love what you’re writing, it’s likely no one else will.

:::disjointed segue – ENGAGE!:::

I often get inspired by music, so it’s not that much of a stretch for me to hear a soundtrack running in my head as I write. So THEN I got to thinking (as all writers do at some point, I’m sure. It can’t just be me) if my book were to be made into a movie, who would I want to do the soundtrack for it? Yeah yeah, I know, if it were to come to pass I’m sure I’d have no actual say in it, but I can dream can’t I?

So mostly I’d want a pretty hard rock soundtrack, but there are scenes in the book that would call for something more atmospheric, creepy, romantic, more cerebral stuff. Even some classical. Right now I’m all hung up on the soundtrack to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” I know, I know, believe me no one is more surprised than I am that I liked this movie. But there are some really strong performances in it. Rufus Sewell is tremendous as he always is, with a wonderfully nuanced role as an evil vampire. Dominic Cooper is the next heartthrob ladies, as Henry Sturgess. I expected this to be a silly, frothy comedic romp, but there are few really light moments. It’s not heavy drama, certainly, with such a ridiculous premise but it’s so much better than I expected. The cinematography is really beautiful, the lighting and color in the scene when Abraham proposes to Mary is striking. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is adorable and charming as Mary Todd, and later in the film has a great scene as the grieving mother when their son dies (hardly a spoiler if you know anything about history). Marton Csokas is wonderfully vile as Jack Barts.

Anyway, the soundtrack is by Henry Jackman, and you can hear a lot of Hans Zimmer’s influence in a number of places. Unfortunately I can’t find a clip of the segment that I really love. It’s during the fight scene on top of the train and the music swells to a majestic and poignant orchestration of the theme. It’s quite beautiful, I wish it was longer. I can’t even find that it’s included on the soundtrack CD which makes me sad.

Anyway, along with the orchestral soundtrack, most movies have other pieces written and performed by bands added in (Linkin Park contributed the end titles theme with their song “Powerless”).

So what bands would you like to write songs for your movie? For me, I’d want Rubylux  (their new single, “The World Goes Quiet” just dropped on iTunes, check it out

provided they’re not too famous and busy by then, HIM of course, maybe some Avatar (Torn Apart would work really well in one scene), or Black Veil Brides (love their latest In the End). Argh. So I’ve spent the whole day checking out music. Now, back to editing. I’ll try to get a Tarot card for the week posted tomorrow.

Addendum 5/27/2013: This is too fun, I have to share this – Rubylux is on board for the soundtrack!


13 thoughts on “Putting the Cart Before the Horse

  1. I’m SOOOO happy to see that you’re finding your way back into writing…or at least, doing some editing for your novel. If you need a beta reader, I’ll be willing, but only if you have more than one. I’d hate having to be the only reader if something were to happen to my scheduling, and I wouldn’t be able to give the full attention that your work deserves. That being said, I’ll understand if you pass on my request.

    I’m going on my eighth straight day of working, talk about going from one extreme to another! Yet, I’m making time to write everyday, and while I write, I listen to music. Many writers make a playlist for each writing project they work on. As for me, I can only write while listening to instrumentals. Classical is my preferred “drug,” but I listen to a lot of jazz fusion, too. Jean Luc-Ponty is my fave!

    You listed a number of groups I’m not aware of. If they’re indie groups, that’s probably why. I not very good at finding groups outside the comfort zone of my listening genres. That’s not to say I’m not game to experiencing new acts. So, thank you for listing these groups…I’ll give them a listen.


    1. Thanks Jeff. Glad to hear you’re working although 8 straight days??? Yikes. hope you get a day off soon.

      The bands I listed are not indie, but with the possible exception of BVB don’t get a lot of airplay, at least here in the US. Rubylux is from Brighton, England; HIM is a metal/rock band from Finland; Avatar is black metal from Sweden; and BVB is American.

      I appreciate the offer to beta the novel. I’ve got one other person who volunteered to read it, so you wouldn’t be the only one. It IS about vampires, though, so if that’s not your thing don’t worry about it. Although I promise nobody sparkles 😉


  2. Hi DD, you’re right nothing wrong with dreaming because many dreams does come true as yours will. When it to does I be one in line to buy your book and ask you to please sign it for me and also to watch the movie at the cinema. I am a misery to wait for video if not on tv, but for yours I know it would be worth the money to see it on big screen. Keep writing. I am very proud of you!


    1. Thank you so much Lora, you’re like my biggest fan and you haven’t even read the thing yet 😉 I so appreciate your faith and support and encouragement. I have to get it published now so I don’t let you down!


  3. Also we can’t forget my nephew the composer – if there ever was a film version of anything I ever manage to finish, Tom O. would have first dibs out of all the NJ artists, of course. Besides the fact that he is a giant talent, and that I’ve loved him since before he was born, he is the kind of guy who would not disregard the challenge of music influenced by the idea of “Big Load of Bullsh!t”


  4. Great blogpost! And how cool that Rubylux tweeted you 🙂 I am definitely going to look out for the movie, can’t wait!


    1. Hahaha, yeah, they’re so funny. Love those guys. I’ve been a fan of theirs for years. I just bust up laughing everytime I read that 😉 Hope you enjoy the movie. I was really surprised that I liked it, I was so prejudiced against it just on principle I’m not even sure what made me turn it on. It’s in rotation on HBO right now.


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