Weekly Card, A Bit Late

Hermit The Hermit from Ian Daniels Tarot of Vampyres. I’ve felt like a hermit the last few days, locking myself in the house to get the revisions done on the vampire novel and sent off to beta readers. I’ve also been OD’ing on “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and its soundtrack while I write. Seems fitting on this Memorial Day. Even though it’s a fantasy/horror story, the scenes of the Gettysburg battle and Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg address choked me up. There’s a part of the battle scene that slows, focused on one Union soldier running ahead to engage the Confederate troops, and it’s really quite heartbreaking, nicely filmed.

And look, the card has a wolf on it, and the book talks about this card indicating being a ‘lone wolf.’ :::smacks self in forehead::: It’s a time for introspection, silence, going within yourself for the answers, being isolated. Vampires are outsiders, ‘others.’ What they seek is beyond the confines of everyday mass consumerism. The Hermit contains all four elements, fire (scepter), grail (water, the vessel containing the fire. Grails can hold many things), knife for air, and skulls for earth, all this gained by his journey to the Underworld. The wolf is there to guard the entrance. This is the time to complete a journey, a mission, a quest (the story?).

There’s a need to ignore the rest of the world, don’t be distracted by all the banalities of modern society. As they told the Tie fighters in Star Wars making their run on the Death Star, “Stay on target.” Well, I have one more day off before I head back to the grind. Head down, back to editing.

Enjoy some solitude and downtime this week if you can.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Card, A Bit Late

  1. Ok DD, you sold me. I have to watch that movie soon. This image is really pretty sweet. The wolf with his flowing eyes actually makes it even creepier cooler for me.

    Best of luck on your work. Ive read what you can do, i’m sure it shall really impress.

    Did you take a look at that Gettysburg movie i talked about? If you haven’t, you ought to. The soundtrack for that movie has a lot if moving pieces too.

    Once i throw off this cold i’m gonna get back to work writing, myself.


    1. Oh shoot, no, I forgot about that one. I’ll definitely hunt it down and watch it.I’ll see if the soundtrack is online, too.

      How are you feeling? Take extra vitamins, C is good but you probably need D as well. Most of us these days have D deficiency, and you don’t have to live in rainy Oregon to suffer from it.


  2. The word isolate just smacked me in the head. It’s really the only place I feel comfortable these days. My hearing issues make it too painful to be in a crowd. I’m happiest writing or reading alone on my apartment without the outside world torturing me. This card was made for how I’m feeling. How did you know Dame? Are you clairvoyant too…along with all your other gifts and talents?


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