Carry Water, Lots of Water

I had a gathering to attend today out at Henry Hagg Lake, so I thought I’d be clever and work in a bike ride while also saving the gas for the drive and the $5 entrance fee. I thought I had it all planned out, and that it would be no worse than the fourteen miles I used to ride to my old job. Sadly, I hadn’t quite worked up to that level again yet. I didn’t ride all the way from my house. I took the bus to the end of the line out in Forest Grove and rode from there. At least I was smart enough to do that.

I think from what I mapped on it was only a 13-mile ride, which I should have been able to manage without too much difficulty. Factors not in my favor were the heat, the elevation change (looks like it was more than 200 feet, and if you’ve never ridden hills, let me tell you they are a special kind of agony) and insufficient hydration, especially in this heat. Once I started drinking more I started feeling a lot better, but I admit I did have to walk up some hills. Oh well. I am never going to like riding hills.

Along the way on Highway 47 is a bison ranch where they raise these animals like cattle for their meat. This was the only stop I made before entering Henry Hagg Lake Park.


More bison

So here’s the lake. Not sure exactly how many miles it is around the lake, I think I covered about half of it.

Hagg Lake

It was very hot today here, and I am happily resting on my couch in my air-conditioned house as I write this. And I got a ride home as I’m sure I’d never have made it on the bike. I tried to load up a short video I took with my camera but apparently I have to pay for a video upgrade on WordPress and that’s not really in the budget just now, sorry.

There were a suprising number of butterflies out there, and one almost landed on me when I had stopped to take the above photo of the lake. There was another woman stopped on her bike at the same time taking photos or videos with her phone. She was pulling one of those little trailers people put children in, but as I rode by on my way I noticed she didn’t have a child in there, she had her dog. Looked like a Jack Russell Terrier (y’know, Wishbone?). We commented on the lovely view and wished eachother a good ride. That’s one of the things I love about cycling, most other cyclists will be very friendly and helpful.

Along with the butterflies the place was loaded with enormous crows, and one of these guys flew past while we were sitting in the picnic area.

belted kingfisher

I wasn’t fast enough to get his picture so I had to borrow this one. Striking birds, kingfishers. They’re not big, but they are quite flashy.

Anyway, I probably won’t be able to sit on the bike again for a week.

11 thoughts on “Carry Water, Lots of Water

  1. I love the imagery of this. I felt like I was riding on the back. Despite the heat you sound as if you had a great time. Wish you could have taken all those bison home with you…save them from being someone’s supper. I’m sorry Dame…can’t help it… feel bad for everything. Love the bird with his punk do. You take great photos…what’s it like being so multi talented?


    1. I figure every ride makes me stronger. I’m trying to get back to where I was, a ride like wouldn’t have fazed me. I felt bad for the bison, too. Those great shaggy beasts were probably looking forward to the end of summer. I’ve never eaten bison, but I know one of the local department store chains (Fred Meyer) stocks it once or twice a year. A friend of mine used to have the butcher call her when they got it in.

      I wish I could take credit for the photo of the Kingfisher but I found that online.


      1. Bison burgers are big here…ugh…poor things. I’m so not a meat eater. You took those other pictures that are equally as fine πŸ™‚ Think I’ll go chop up a head of lettuce, in protest.


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful adventure there, DD!

    The pictures are very cool too! They have lots of King Fishers here. See them all the time. They like to sit on power lines that cross over the canals and fish.

    I’ve often thought about doing Bike riding for exercise. Two things stopping me though. The Humidity here will probably kill me…and I doubt I am going to be able to go on a bike ride without the kids wanting to go! Herding my little brood on bikes doesnt sound like much fun! πŸ˜‰

    Great post, thanks for sharing it!


    1. It really was a fantastic ride, but would have been better at 70ΒΊF than the 85-90 we had yesterday. I know I couldn’t ride much down there in that humidity and heat, so I understand. My riding season tends to be fairly short here, too, though since the rains and cold can also make it unpleasant. Wind is another factor. Spring and fall tend to be fairly windy which makes it tougher. Riding into a headwind is tough, to say the least. Still, I persist, I love it so much. My bike lived in my living room for years because I thought it was so pretty πŸ˜‰ It’s my favorite toy.

      Do you have any bike paths or trails you could take the kids riding on, instead of out on the street? It could be a nice family activity, get everyone a little fresh air and exercise when the weather cooperates. As soon as you start rolling you feel like you’re 7-years-old again!


    1. Thanks, Rosie πŸ™‚ Too bad all the bison were lying down, would’ve been nice to get a shot of one standing so you could see how big they are.


  3. This post made me smile. Although the ride was not comfortable as if you were driving. You had more benefits of doing more than what a person in a car would. I really enjoy this post. I love posts I can travel with someone and feel as if I was along. Very well written by the way. I visualize pretty much everything.

    The Bison farm look familiar. Hubby and I went to one before moving here. Then click on the link and notice it was not the same one. The one we visit in Oregon was not close to the water. Beautiful photos by the way. Yes I know the bird photo is not yours but I like it too. I hope you had fun and after a nice rest.


    1. Hey Lora! Thank you so much, you’re so sweet.

      Yes it was a fun ride, although it would have been funner had it been 20 degrees cooler, πŸ˜‰ I’d like to try it again sometime. The bison weren’t near the lake, just on the way. From there it was still several miles to the lake. This was the L-Bar-T ranch in Forest Grove. There are a number of bison ranches out here, though, all over the state.


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