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Weekly Card – Eight of Engines

I recently got the Steampunk Tarot by John & Caitlin Matthews so naturally had to use it for this week’s card. If you’re not familiar with what steampunk is, in a nutshell it’s a subgenre of sci-fi/fantasy, typically set in the Victorian era, although not necessarily in England (Cherie M. Priest’s “Clockwork Century” series I believe are all set in the U.S., typically the West. I could be wrong, I haven’t read them). It’s essentially alternate history, where things are steam-powered, and clocks and gears are prominent accoutrements. Kyle-cassidy-steampunk

Think dirigible airships and aviator goggles. (photo at right courtesy of Wikipedia) It’s popular cosplay and there’s even an annual convention here in Portland, PDX GEAR Con, which was held this weekend, although I did not attend.  The whole thing has blossomed into a movement and style, much like the Goth aesthetic. The old joke is, “Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover brown.” No doubt the prevalence of brown owes it’s popularity to old photographs, which are famous for the sepia tone. People have decorated their houses in this style (which is not authentic to the era, but makes for some dramatic looks. Lots of brass). It also owes a huge debt to Jules Verne and H.G. Wells who essentially invented it, even if it wasn’t called that back then.

So I pulled a card, then decided I wanted a more dramatic one to showcase the deck a little better. I shuffled, cut to the left 3 times again. :::insert frown::: The first card I pulled was the Nine of Engines (Wands). The second card I pulled was the Eight of Engines. I should mention that the cards were in no discernible order when they arrived in the box, most mixed up deck I’ve seen on receipt. I really should quit fighting it when the deck wants to tell me something, don’t you think?

Eight of EnginesThe Eight of Engines shows a plane being hastily loaded with supplies. The situation has developed into something that’s happening very quickly, almost more quickly than you can keep up with. If an opportunity shows up, move on it. You may not have time to spend days pondering your next move.

The Nine of Engines I’m putting up as well, since it came up first. Nine of EnginesEngines are Wands, and as I’ve probably mentioned Wands are associated with Fire. Lots of creative energy this week. The Nine has us in a somewhat tenuous situation, things are uncertain, and we need to call on all our strength and resources to get through. Like the troops landing in the card, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen so be prepared.

I’d say get plenty of rest tonight because it looks like this week could be a butt-kicker.

If you’d like to see my review of the deck, it’s over on my other blog, Dangling Pentacles Tarot. Click here.

Have a good week, and eat your Wheaties!


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    1. Well, not so much what I’m going to do as the general atmosphere of the week ahead, kind of a ‘heads-up’ of what I’ll be dealing with.

      Thanks for coming by!


  1. Love the term, steampunk…never heard it before but I’ve always been a fan of sepia. It’s so 40s. Things are uncertain alright. Now I’d say that’s an understatement across the board…thanks for posting.


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