Weekly Card – Page of Coins

Page of Coins

The Page of Coins from the Nigel Jackson Tarot.

Ah the Pages. Young people, often bearing a message, news, a letter. In this case dealing with money or finances, but also earthy things that give us pleasure: good food, wine, material comforts, fruitful gardens. This page is studious, serious. He’s that kid in high school who seemed to always have his (or her) nose in a book, came out top of the tests, had no sense of humor, or at least one that none of the rest of us understood (unless you were that kid, sorry).

Pages are also cards of new beginnings, a new creative venture. This might be a good time to begin a new course of study.

I know finances have been in the forefront of concerns for many of us, myself included. Let’s hope there’s good news coming for all of us. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket…

4 thoughts on “Weekly Card – Page of Coins

  1. Sometimes, my husband and I will talk about what we would do with all the lottery money we’ll win some day, Then we laugh because we never buy a lottery ticket. Gotta play to win!

    I hope you found something in the want ads!


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