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Weekly Card – The Star redux

StarWell. Here we are again. :::drums fingers::: Looks like somenone’s not getting the message, or it’s taking longer than we’d hoped/anticipated for things to right themselves.

This is from the Ansata Tarot. It was first published in Germany in 1981. The deck was drawn to accompany a book, “Astrologie und Tarot” by B. A. Mertz, painted by Paul Struck. It’s heavily laden with astrological symbolism. I’ve never been much for astrology, though. Too much math for me. I don’t have Mertz’s book, which is a shame because I’d love to know more about the cards. Like the skeletal face up in the top right corner, reminds me of the “dark mark” from Harry Potter, although this deck predates HP by by almost 20 years. The LWB (little white booklet) that came with the deck says this:

“The Star corresponds to Venus. It symbolizes love, heavenly happiness, the muse or any other gift of heaven. It is mostly a lucky card because it depends on an inner harmony, on an inner openness towards the heavenly powers. The card is therefore often a symbol of hope and of a healing miracle (but neighboring cards may make a big difference). It is the card of femininity filled with happiness.”

I like to read different authors’ takes on the cards, every reader will find something different in the same cards. This one is vastly more slanted towards a spiritual interpretation than many. So what can we draw from this? I think the focus on inner harmony is the salient point here, transcend the mundane physical world to find that happiness. Possibly it’s a sign to pay more attention to spiritual matters if they’ve been neglected for awhile (cough*whome*cough).  It’s been ages since I’ve taken the time to meditate. Maybe now’s a good time to start again.

I’m also going to spend more time writing and probably far less time on Twitter (sob*). It’s sucking up all my writing time. Not that I don’t love chatting with everyone, but time is a precious commodity right now. Going to have to get tough with myself. I am determined to get through editing the vampire novel and get it out for a second round of beta reads. The next few weeks will be tough since I’ll be working both the day job during the week and the Ren Faire on weekends. I’m not entirely sure this was the best decision I ever made, but we’ll see. Maybe the Star is a good omen for how it will go.

So, how is everyone doing?


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17 thoughts on “Weekly Card – The Star redux

  1. Hello DD,

    Considering it’s Monday. I guess I’m doing ok.

    I think this is exactly what I have been doing lately around the house on the weekends.

    Even though the grass needs to be cut, I’ve been hanging out with the kids more and going to visit friends when my presence can be spared.

    It’s good to go back and reconnect with the things that make you happy from time to time. Also been working on painting my models a lot lately. I usually listen to music while I do that kind of soothes the soul for a bit.

    Hope things don’t get too hectic for you and I hope the Ren Faire work is fun! can’t wait until ours starts here!

    Have a great day!



    1. Oh the neverending yardwork. There was a time I enjoyed doing it, even pulling weeds around the roses wasn’t without its rewards (I spent all that time around my lovely roses). Now, though, with time at a premium, everything’s gone by the wayside.


  2. The Ren Faire sounds like fun!

    My monday went by pretty slowly. This is my last week at work and things are starting to get uncomfortable with the folks who are left (only three!).

    Other than that, it seems fine.

    I’m not familiar with tarot cards, but what I focused on when I enlarged the picture was the stream of starlight or water or whatever that is. As it passes through the woman’s hand, its trajectory is slightly off – as if she is altering its path. So, to me, it says she is taking charging and changing her future. Or something like that. Very interesting. Thanks for the food for thought!


    1. Wow, is your whole company shutting down? I’m so sorry to hear it, do you have any other prospects?

      That’s a great observation on the water. Yes, it’s the water of life, or healing water. Usually the woman on the Star card is depicted pouring water onto land and into the body of water at her feet. Each deck is different so there’s no one definitive answer as to what the water symbolizes.


      1. Naw, just our office (which was a satellite office to begin with). I have an interview on the 20th, and possibly another one coming up. Thanks for asking.

        The water of life – I could use some of that, too! 🙂


  3. I’m liking this post. 🙂 I’m starting to feel some shift in the winds, too. The days are transitioning more to Fall and I’ve be testing some new approaches to both my blog and “work.” I’ve also had the last few days “off” and extra sleep helps my perspective, too.


    1. How lovely to have some time off. Yes, fall is definitely knocking at the door in these parts, the maples are already starting to turn. I’m not especially looking forward to the rains starting again, but I do love that cool crisp air.


      1. Why, yes. But I gotta tell ya: I lie awake at night thinking about how all those currently green leaves are gonna fall in one big swooop onto the lawn (such as it is). Maybe that’s what animals sense as well? The change in how they seek cover?


    1. I’m just going to be working for one of the food vendors, I don’t even have to be in full costume (she said black pants will do, she can supply the ‘peasant’ style top). I was a little disappointed about that, but I can’t drop hundreds on a full outfit at the moment. I was hoping to apply to be a vendor and do Tarot readings next year if it’s a success and they come back, but the costs are prohibitive.


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