Weekly Card – King of Cups

Art Nouveau King of CupsThis is the second time in as many days this guy has shown up. Yesterday he showed up in a 3-card spread I did for myself with the Wild Unknown deck.

All the kings are associated with fire, the cups are associated with water. So here we have fire of water. He’s a man of deep feelings, passionate emotions. I suddenly feel like I’ve encountered him. Maybe in a dream recently. I’ve had so many wildly vivid dreams recently. If only I could remember. Kings aren’t normally seen as bearers of messages, that’s usually the pages’ job. Still, there’s something nagging. It’s like I can almost hear his voice. Whatwhatwhat? Help. Protection. Clearly I’m not getting the message. Again. I expect more odd dreams now. Perhaps my Him. Perhaps my muse urging me on.

Well, I’ll puzzle out my own situation. Hopefully the King’s qualities of compassion and solicitousness, tender feelings and love of the arts, poetry, and love itself will manifest for you this week. A little nurturing of the soul is always welcome.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Card – King of Cups

  1. Eric Syrdal says:

    It’s always a good time with the Muses talk to us! Mine talk a lot but don’t seem to understand my time is limited…or they just don’t care.

    Hope you get to hang out with HIM sometime though, sounds like something very cool!

    Best of Luck, DD!


  2. Susannah Bianchi says:

    This sounds hot and hopeful…maybe it’s about your novel…or maybe you’re going to meet someone. I know…no…but that’s just it Dame, we never know who’s lurking. Only God, or in this case, The King of Cups, sees around corners 🙂


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