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Weekly Card – Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords (2)In which we find our heroine battling night terrors and demons. Blargh. Tell me something I don’t know. Definitely not what I was hoping for.  The Nine of Swords indicates worries and concerns, fears, things keeping you up at night, nightmares.

Not like I’ve been waking up with panic attacks or anything :::stares malevolently at Tarot:::

The Swords seem to be just hanging in the air. Maybe I can push them aside to get to the owl. Owls are symbols of wisdom, associated with the goddess Athena (or her Roman counterpart, Minerva), either as a representation of her, or as her messenger. How this came to be no one is sure. You know how things always seem bleaker in the middle of the night. Being away from the office for a week on vacation means a metric ton of crap piling up waiting for me this week. I’ve never felt so stressed out by a job in my life. If I was making big bucks it would be some consolation, but most teachers make more than I do (at least according to

I’ve been focusing on revisions and edits to the vampire novel (yes, I’m still at it). I need to finish this beast and get it out there. Even if it only sells a few copies it’d be a little extra money. I’ll take what I can get. I’m trying so hard to find a way to get out of the daily grind, and earn money as a writer and/or Tarot card reader and be done with the workaday world. We waste our whole lives making other people rich, and we get nothing. Crumbs, if we’re lucky.

That’s where my head is these days. Hopefully once I get back in the office things will fall into place more neatly than I’m imagining them doing.


Writer of vampire stories and science fiction. First novel, "Revenants Abroad", available now at Amazon. If you like a vampire you can go out drinking with and still respect yourself in the morning, I think you'd like Andrej.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Card – Nine of Swords

  1. Maybe all this gnashing of teeth is coming to an end…that’s why Nine of Swords came up…to bid you adieu. Well you never know Dame. I think writing is the only way out..imagine prisoners digging a tunnel..when they persist they usually get out. Didn’t you see the Great Escape with Steve McQueen 🙂


    1. It sure is purty 😉 And then, just to torture myself further, I pulled a card from the Thoth deck last night. Wanna guess what it was?

      The TEN of Swords. Uncle Al sure has a sense of humor.


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