Weekly Card – Fortitude

Fortitude Nigel JacksonFortitude, or Strength, from the Nigel Jackson Tarot. This is the first Major Arcana I’ve pulled in awhile. When a Major turns up, the situation is of a more important nature than the generally day-to-day things more often depicted in the Minors. The indication is a spiritual lesson, a step on the road of life. The card is XI, 11, in this deck, so it falls after X, 10, the Wheel of Fortune. You’ve probably just dealt with a change of some kind, hopefully for the better, and now the new situation is going to test you. Don’t freak out, we face these things all the time. It doesn’t mean the world will implode. Just be ready and recognize it when it comes.

This card is more to do with inner strength than outward, physical strength. It’s a harnessing of one’s darker side – unrestrained impulses, overreacting, ungrounded fears, insecurities – and bringing it to heel. It’s taking control of oneself in difficult times, bringing all your best aspects to bear. Only this way will you flourish. Don’t allow the internal, more primitive side of yourself to hold sway. You’re stronger than that, above that. Call on those reserves of strength now, and they’ll serve you well. Control the beast.

That dark side provides one kind of strength but the more rational conscious mind needs to be in control. The two sides can co-exist and work together, and benefit eachother. I like that the lady’s dress is the same color as the lion’s fur, and her mane is as impressive.

Be strong, you can do it.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Card – Fortitude

  1. Sorry I’m tuning in so late…been sick…but it’s a beautiful card and I have always loved the word. It’s the name of one of the lions in front of the New York Public Library on 42nd Street and Fifth. Nice reading Dame.


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