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Weekly Card – Four of Coins

Four of Coins Nigel JacksonFour of Coins. Sticking with Nigel Jackson this week, I really like this deck.

The stability of the fours this time applied to material concerns. It indicates holding onto your money, not being frivolous and being secure. Often this card depicts a miserly man clinging tightly to his money, but financial stability and frugality are often desirable (ok, when are they not?). There’s nothing wrong with being practical. The only problem comes if you start to value wealth and money over everything else.

I don’t think that’s what this particular card is telling us, however. We need to secure our castles, and the card shows a beautiful vista and dawn breaking to blue skies full of birds. This is a time of achievement, of attaining some financial goal, or getting the house we want. It shows a solid foundation to our lives, a well-ordered existence. Anybody househunting? This could be the week to find the home that’s perfect for you.

It feels like a good week to catch your breath and enjoy some creature comforts. No big splurges, just enjoy the calm after the tumult.


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    1. Here’s another interesting aspect to this one: I knew time was going to be tight, so I wrote up several weeks worth of weekly card draws about a month ago. This was a robo-post I set up way in advance. Funny how these things work.


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