Weekly Card – Six of Pentacles

Six of Coins FenestraAnd we follow up last week’s Four of Coins with the Six of Coins (Pentacles) from the Fenestra Tarot.

This suit is associated with Earth, earthly concerns, money, practical matters. Literally earthy things like gardening as well. We’ve progressed from the stability of the four through the tempestuousness of the five to the victory of the six. Once again this shows us in a position of acclaim, finding ourselves in a more fortunate position than others. In fact things are going so well we’re feeling generous now that we’re in a position to give back. This may be money, or time, or advice. Be careful not to let someone drain too much energy from you. If you start feeling yourself pulled in too many directions it’s ok to step back a bit. People may be drawn to your strength and charm. Give what you can but it’s ok to say no at some point.

But for the moment, enjoy being the one who has it all.

I’m still plotting the NaNo novel, so I don’t expect to be around much during the week. NaNoWriMo is on in just a couple of weeks! Have a great week, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Card – Six of Pentacles

  1. I hope this means things are going well for you or will go well for you. Though writing can be very spiritual, maybe your novel is your earthly gain. I’m doing NaNo, too. It’s framework is slow taking shape. You have a wonderful week, too.


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