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Time, Time, Time

Someone asked the question on Twitter today: As a writer, what’s the one thing you’d ask Santa for?

My answer: To win the lottery so I could quit my dayjob and have time to write.

I honestly don’t know any other way to get more time. I spend two hours a day physically on the road commuting, and while I know other people have worse commutes, that doesn’t really make it any better. It’s a crazy way to live, giving up 10 hours or more every week to simply traveling to and from our jobs.

I can hear people saying, “Well, if  you really wanted to do it, you’d make the time.”

That’s great that you can function on just a couple hours of sleep a night. Not everyone can.

It’s nearly 10:00 Sunday morning. My ‘weekend’ is essentially over. Time to start laundry, take a shower so I can go to the store and get food and things for the week, do housework, pay bills. And so the week begins again.


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14 thoughts on “Time, Time, Time

  1. I hear you. Having recently lost my job, though I am looking everyday for another one, I secretly love the idea that I have TIME to write! I just hope I finish my novel before I actually get another job…

    Have you considered getting a voice recorder and dictating your stories while you drive? With the new voice-to-text software, you might just be able to ‘write’ while commuting.


    1. Oh, I envy you. I wish I’d get laid off! 😉 Then at least I could have more time to look for a better job, and write until something turned up.

      I have a voice recorder, but I didn’t spring for the one that connects to the computer. I may have to get a better one. I’d almost forgotten about doing that, thanks for the reminder!

      And good luck on your job search!


  2. Oh wow, this job is farther than the old job. I remember you use to take the train to commute. Great idea Tmso! I don’t know how people function on little to no sleep either. I am litteraly doing it everyday and I feel like crap and look like it. Get it confirm many times by people telling me how tired I look when I thought I plaster enough eyeshadow and a big smile to look more alive…nope it is not working, lol. There has been many time I went to meetings with my husband to talk to the bank, contractors, and etc. Many days I fell asleep as they were talking and many times hubby had to kick my foot if not nudge me on my knees to wake up. Lack of sleep is awful.

    Everyone life is different. One can’t tell another if you really want to do it you must make time. Because all one do is “make time”. As you mention you are making timing to shower, do laundry, and etc. Many new moms don’t even have time to do those but they have to find the time. Sorry for the long post I know I normally keep it short. I basically want to tell you as long as you are working on your novel even if it is a page per day or every two days. It is better than thinking about it. Pace yourself and use time wisely on what is important to you. In good timing all will work out. Ironic isn’t it…life is time.


    1. Yes, lack of sleep affects everything. And those new-mom days when you don’t even have time to go to the bathroom… ugh. Sorry to hear you’re so sleep-deprived these days, don’t let that go on too long. When you get run down is when you’re more likely to get sick.

      I think I must have been nuts to think I could do NaNo this year with the schedule I have, but I’ve started and I may as well see how far I get.


      1. I won’t around Christmas I should be back in the State spend a little bit time with my family. By then I will take a little break, as I know already looking at my calendar I will have to take work with me. But ti is cool though.

        Lol, naw you’re not nut at all. In your heart I am sure you knew you had to start it or continue with it or not it might be left behind. When you have a passion stick with it and pace yourself. As I tell you many times, I am very proud of you and still patiently waiting on my sign hard copy:) and that is me being serious for a change:) Keep up the good work and continue to be focus. I am always rooting for you at a distnace.


  3. Totally right on, DD. Writing IS a full-time job. Yes, we can squeeze out a couple hundred words at a time, but the good stuff takes some energy and focus. I thought my November was going to have more “white space” in it, but work is turning out to be more challenging. But I still think the effort in NaNo pays off in the end. (I’m cheating and working on an old WIP, too …. shhhhhhh.)

    And please allow me to honor you this Veteran’s Day. I don’t know many vets personally — other than my Dad and uncles. I hope everyone you meet recognizes you as part of the national treasure.


    1. Well, I should be careful what I wish for. I have a mystery meeting with my office administrator tomorrow, and may end up with lots of time to write (just no electricity to power the computer). If I don’t get canned I may need tranquilizers to stay at this place.

      I think working on an existing WIP is fine for NaNo. Why start something new if you’re not ready? Wasted effort, and there’s little enough time as it is.

      Thank you for the Veteran’s Day wishes, and appreciation.


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