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Snow Day!

Portland is having a rare late season snowstorm, which began yesterday. My office manager gave me a lift to the park-n-ride where I leave my car during the day since the buses were running so slowly and conditions were rapidly deteriorating. The wind and blowing snow were rocking my managers SUV. She commented at one point that there didn’t seem to BE any buses. We didn’t see any in the six miles from the office to my car.

The snow was building up rapidly and only in a few spots was the pavement visible. It was pretty amazing for this area that is normally far more temperate and is one of the things the inhabitants love about it. My 12-mile drive from the park-n-ride lot took well over an hour at an average speed of 20mph. Not a snow plow to be seen, I don’t think any of the towns I pass through have any. I know, boohoo. My new-old car did splendidly though, no sliding or spinning tires. The old Mercedes I had was a death trap in snow, which I never understood. You’d think the Germans would have a handle on engineering cars that could handle snow.

I was one of the lucky ones, making it home in roughly an hour and a half from the time I left the office. Many motorists were stuck in gridlock for hours due to accidents, bad road conditions, abandoned cars.

Back at the ranch, we found this on the car:

Angel wing icicle


Just a couple more shots of the snow, and then I’m off to write. I have a new idea that’s barely forming for a fantasy story and I want to work it up.

February 6 2014 snow

February 6 snowstorm

Feb 6 2014 front & street

Ok, away I fly to take advantage of the unexpected free time and create worlds of chaos. Metaphors be with you, and all that.


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8 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Those pictures make me want to box up some sunshine and send it. I know I complain a lot about the cold weather here. But even our coldest is not what you guys have to deal with…it’s just…cold.


    1. Heh, I don’t really mind it. As long as I don’t have to drive in it, I’m good. Just a shame we didn’t have it at Christmas. I almost turned the Christmas lights on yesterday just for fun 😉 (yes, I still haven’t taken them down!)


    1. Heh heh 😉 Thanks. It’d be one thing if they plowed the streets, but all they ever do are the main arterials, which I’ve never understood because if you can’t get TO them, what difference does it make if they’re clear?


  2. Hi DD, I don’t think Portland is ever really ready for a bad snow day which is weird because they do have bad snow days on and off each year normally for a few days. I so miss Portland. Glad you got home safe and OMG that is like too much snow! Please let me know how many snow days you have there. I am always curious about Portland because it is rare.


    1. Some years we get no snow at all. And to get 3 straight days of it now is very odd. That was the first day, in those pictures, it’s a lot deeper now! It’s been a mess, so many accidents, multi-car pileups, cars in ditches, etc. Should start melting tomorrow, though. I’ll be glad to get back to normal!


      1. I hear you. My last year living in Portland was 4 years ago and it snow for three days straight. Everyone was shock because as you mention it is not normal. Normally it snow then melt away the same day, lol. I miss those days. This year on my side of German we have no snow as yet. It tried but then turn into rain. Thank God!

        Before I jump off subject my last year there. No cars, no bus, no taxi, no pizza delivery, no grocery delivery, no nothing! Many people were stuck indoor because the news suggest if you don’ have an emergency stay home. I will never forget my husband trying to go to work and every taxi cab refused to pick him up. He was on a mission, lol. On the third day the news show the highway and streets was looking better but ofcourse the neighbor hood streets was still awful. We slowly drove down a few blocks to the store. Was living in Beaverton then before moving to the Pearl district.All we seen was tons of chain all over the road and the Safeway (if memory serve me right) was pack! People was grabbing food from each other hands, shelves was almost empty, Just like something you would see in the movies. I found it to be quite interested. I too sadly was fussing about my peach yogurt with another customer. Last one and my husband told me let her have it, lol. Crazy! Now this is the punch line after that day the snow melted, lol. Everything was back to normal.


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