Robins in the Snow

When I lived back east, robins were seen as a sign of spring. Out here they show up in the winter. I love their puffy red breasts in the snow.

Robin in apple tree


One more… bookends



7 thoughts on “Robins in the Snow

  1. startingoveringermany says:

    Hi love birds, very nice photos. You made me stop and think. I don’t think I seen robins in a long time. I seen birds that have yellow and lime green chest every springs that have similar features to a Robin here but no Robins:( Now I am missing home again.


    • D. D. Syrdal says:

      Thanks, Lora 🙂 I’m sorry I’m making you homesick again! Those birds you mentioned sound lovely, I don’t know what they might be. Maybe you can get a picture of one this year, I’d love to see it.


      • startingoveringermany says:

        it is okay, Funny how something trigger a memory if not a thought or wish. I have tons of photos of them. I see them all the time outside my kitchen window and my walk in the park. I will look up for a photo and upload it sometimes this week/next.

        If I don’t upload it then I will email it too you. I also have photos of pigeons making love, lol, It was quite interesting. Just like people. They kiss and play a bit then get too it, lol. I was like wow, perfect timing, lol. Hope your having a good weekend and keep warm.


  2. Chris says:

    They look so plump. I wonder if they’re fluffed up for insulation, or if they’re pregnant…though I didn’t think they mated quite this early. Can’t wait to see the robins here.


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