Current Inspiration

This piece gives me chills. I just wish it was longer and didn’t end so abruptly. I give you: Two Steps From Hell, “Protectors of the Earth” from their album, “Invincible.”



I downloaded the MP3 version from Amazon, in case anyone’s wondering.

I still don’t know if this current WIP is going to be a short story, or if I want to take it to full length novel. It’s funny how  I have real life models for some of the characters, but  not the main character, my protagonist. Sigh. Back to it.

I wonder if the CD cover is available as a poster…

Invincible CD Cover

8 thoughts on “Current Inspiration

  1. That’s perfect music for a good dramatic scene!

    Good luck with your WIP. I think as you work on it you’ll start getting more of a sense if it works better as a short, or if it could be/you want to expand it further.


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