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These are pictures of what’s being called the Scoggins Creek Fire, in Newberg by Hagg Lake. Hagg is a popular man-made lake used for recreation–fishing, swimming, boating, water-skiing, etc. Lots of picnic grounds. I rode my bike out there last summer.

Mandatory evacuations are underway, it’s burned well over 150 acres now. I got these pics on my way home from work today (I did stop to take most of these). I sure hope they get this under control quickly. It’s supposed to be near 90º tomorrow and Sunday which won’t help.

Fire 2 Fire 3 Fire 4

Fire 5 Fire 6

Fire 7


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    1. Thanks, Eric. In all the years I’ve lived here we’ve never had a wildfire right around me. Skies look clear this morning, I’m hoping they got it under control, if not out, overnight.


  1. These are spectacular pictures, but scary too. Is the local air changed by the fires? Smell? Smog? Those unseasonably warm temps are not helpful this weekend, I would think. Stay safe.


    1. This morning the skies look clear from my house, whereas yesterday the smoke was all around. Can’t smell it but the sun was dim. The winds are pushing it south, and I’m a little ways north. Yes it’s going to be unseasonably hot again today and tomorrow, which is bad. At least the lake is right there for them to get water to drop on it. Hot already at 9:30, my heart goes out to the firefighters battling this.


    1. It’s not contained yet, they’ve got almost 600 people out there fighting it. But we’ve got rain coming this week, and once it cools down that’ll help, too. It’s a small one by wildfire standards, less than 500 acres involved. So far I haven’t heard of any structures being destroyed or any injuries.


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