The Definition of Stress

Remember that old joke:

Stress – (n.) The confusion created when the mind overrides the body’s basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it.


Well, my stress is partly that, but partly this:

When the desire to live on your own terms is subsumed by the demands of society to conform. When in your heart you’re a Bohemian gypsy

BohemianWhen you’d rather be this:

bohemian girl

But you’re forced to be this:


How did this become the desirable norm?

We can’t all succeed at being her. And yet that is what I go to work and try to pretend to be every day.

There may yet be hope for my inner wild child


7 thoughts on “The Definition of Stress

  1. Oh man,ain’t that the truth. I was just having a conversation with somebody who wondering why “everybody” is a VIce President now. There are no workers– just chiefs. ….who don’t really manage more than 1 person?


  2. I’m so grateful not to be working in the corporate world! But remember, even if you have to dress and act more conservative at work, doesn’t mean you can’t dress and be yourself outside of it. Days off- dress as you desire and follow your bohemian heart. 😉

    Have you been going bike riding lately?


    1. It’s just soul-sucking. I’m lucky that I don’t actually have to dress in dreary suits like that woman in the photo above, but I do try to keep it a little bit conservative. Although the tattoo on my arm kind of screams “WEIRDO” which I love 😉

      Years ago I briefly dated a guy who told me he would not date someone with a tattoo. I think that’s when I decided I really needed to get one! ahahaha

      I haven’t been out riding lately, and I miss it. Maybe now that the weather is cooling down I can get back out there. I can’t take those 90+ days.


  3. Sorry so late to this! You know your words echo many of the feelings in my heart, DD. Well done and well said. One day perhaps we can all be who we were meant to be.

    I hope you do manage to get out and ride soon! 🙂

    Wishing you well, My Friend.


    1. Thanks, Eric. I know I have nothing to complain about, really. I have a decent job, my own home, etc. Free from the struggle to survive I can be self-indulgent and wish for more! 😉


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