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The Fog

Wasn’t there a creepy movie by that name? I love the fog, makes for great pictures.

Foggy field 9-29-14

Foggy road 9-29-14

Sun and Fog 9-29-14

Oops, forgot one.  A little out of focus but I love the colors.

Foggy tree 9-29-14


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6 thoughts on “The Fog

  1. Wonderful images. What about King’s, The Mist? That was a messed-up movie…”messed-up,” is that a word? 🙂


    1. Yeah, I don’t think it’s hyphenated, though 😉 Fog, mist, it’s all perfect for anything creepy and menacing. I need a picture of that dilapidated old church in the fog…


  2. Great pictures! Yes, there was a book originally titled The Fog by Stephen King and I made the mistake of reading it when I was about 13–the first book that ever gave me nightmares. Wasn’t very fond of the fog after that! LOL He must’ve renamed it The Mist because I can’t find anything about the book with that title, but I’m positive that was it because I clearly remember reading it. 🙂


    1. Hahaha! I looked up the movies on IMDB, there have been two versions which John Carpenter wrote the screenplays for. (I think the second one someone else did, based on his original) They were both set in Oregon. I haven’t read King’s book, so no idea.


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