Edits and Evil Programs

Not much going on, either with pics or the book. I’m still immersed in final edits, and having fits with Word. It seems every time I close and reopen the file it runs words together, removing the spaces between them. I found three crunched together last night and Word didn’t even pick it up as a misspelling. Argh. Now I’m terrified that when I release the book it’s going to have all this funky spacing. I thought maybe it was because I was opening the file on both my home computer using Word 2007, and occasionally on my work computer in Word 2010, but I’ve never seen this before. If anyone else has run into this and knows a fix, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Edits and Evil Programs

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t help with your problem. However, I thought I’d ask, have you looked into any other writing software? I have heard that Scrivener is really about staying properly formatted and basically heaven for writers, and I know there are some others out there that are free which self-publishers recommend. Just a thought. Good luck with your issues!


    1. Hi Kate,
      Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, Smashwords wants the manuscript in a Word document so my hands are kind of tied in that respect. I have Scrivener (although I haven’t used it much), but this entire book was written before I got that program and was already in Word. I’ve just never seen spacing issues like this and I’m wondering if it’s my old 2007 version not playing well with the 2010 version. I’ve quit opening the file at work, we’ll see if that helps (not that I should be working on it in the office, but hey… ) I need to work in Scrivener for the next one, though. Thanks for coming by!


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