I Will Never Get Tired of Autumn

Small selection of photos from different days. The close-up of the red leaves, and the geese against the dark clouds were taken yesterday. The powerlines in fog is from this morning. The bottom two are from October.


2 thoughts on “I Will Never Get Tired of Autumn

  1. Nice photos DD. Gosh do I love Fall. Yes, it is a bit cold but I enjoy the fresh breeze smell in the air, the many changes of colors, and more so watching people walk down the street as if they where out of the catalogs.


  2. Hi Lora,

    Thanks! We’re getting our first taste of chilly weather now. We had a lot of rain in October, but it stayed pretty warm. Now we’ve got a cold blast coming down from Canada, dumping snow all over the country. Hope it’s not a sign of things to come this winter!


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