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Why Wattpad

Vampire Christmas

Please note: no one is sparkling.

I was asked why I’m serializing Revenants Abroad for free on Wattpad. Quite simply, it’s my first novel, and I just wanted to get it out there and start getting some notice. As anyone who reads is no doubt aware there are a lot of books out there and more coming all the time. It’s hard to be heard/seen/noticed in all that. I try not to overdo the marketing on Twitter, but without a huge marketing budget that would allow me to take out full page ads in the New York Times, I just try to be noticed without being obnoxious. Happily, the person who asked the question is enjoying the book.

I have also discovered that once the book is up on Amazon in paper form I will have to remove it from Wattpad. If it’s available anywhere for free, Amazon will also make it free. This isn’t really my goal. So, I’m doubling-down on posting chapters with the aim of getting them all posted so you can read it there if you like, and then releasing the book on Amazon a couple days later. At that time the entire thing will be removed from Wattpad.

I let Chapter 8 fly this morning, and may post Chapter 9 later tonight. I’d like to have the book on Amazon as soon as I can. Smashwords is proving not to be the gateway I’d hoped for, despite their ties to other retailers.

If you’re reading along and enjoying it, a vote or comment would be greatly appreciated. A sale would be great, too 😉

(P.S. to Jason – sorry for desecrating your work!)


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