Chapter 12

Just a quick note to let you know Chapter 12 of Revenants Abroad is up on Wattpad. As much as I want to make the paper copy available for those who are holding out for it, I think rushing the posts on Wattpad was a bad idea. Especially now with the holiday season upon us, and everyone is so busy. I want to give everyone who wants to read RA on Wattpad a chance to get through it before I have to pull it. So, back to the weekly chapter postings, unless anyone would like it more frequent.

And here’s a fun photo I took on my drive home. I’ve been trying to capture this place because it’s really quite pretty. It’s a rural home with a long driveway that’s got trees decorated in a line all the way up. Sadly, I did something to the camera settings and even using the “sports” mode resulted in this (at about 45 mph with someone close behind so I couldn’t slow down):

Christmas lights highway speed

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