Revenants Abroad – Chapter 14

I went ahead and posted chapter 14 today. It’s a short one, just a couple pages. That’s halfway, there are 28 chapters all told. I’m planning on posting chapter 15 this Wednesday. I seem to have several in a row that are quite short, so I don’t want to go too long between posting them. I hope you’re enjoying, if you’ve been reading, and thanks bunches to those who have.

A couple pics from today. Got some blue sky which was nice after all the rain and gray we’ve had lately.

blue sky 12-28-14

And the eagles were enjoying it, too

eagles in afternoon sun 12-28-14

And first quarter moon tonight:

1st quarter moon 12-28-14

Kind of baffles me that I seem to be able to get clearer pictures of the moon than I can of those eagles.