Oregon Spring

I’ve been taking loads of pictures lately, just no time to post. Here’s a selection the last week or so. Some of the dates are wrong, typos, ya know. But just in case spring is late in your part of the world, enjoy these pictures.

Not much else going on. Still working with CreateSpace to try to get the cover image for Revenants Abroad printed right. They’ve sent me two proof copies and both were so dark you could hardly see the details and colors in the background. I’m very frustrated. It’s not brain surgery, it shouldn’t be this hard. Let’s hope third time’s the charm.


10 thoughts on “Oregon Spring

    1. Thanks, Lora 🙂 Everything’s been blooming early here. We had such a warm winter, it’s crazy. Now they’re declaring drought conditions in a couple of counties.


  1. These photos are gorgeous, and so welcomed!
    I hope your third try at the cover image worked out. How frustrating. Were you able to find out why it kept coming out so dark?


    1. Thanks, Chris, glad you enjoyed them. Sadly the cover came out exactly the same on the third try, and they won’t do anything to fix it. Basically if you go through CreateSpace they do nothing for you. They suggested I upload a lighter image but they won’t do anything about it, saying it was within the allowed variance. At this point I have given up on the idea of printing a paper copy of the book.


      1. Wow, that’s crazy. I wonder why they can’t just make the cover colour at the same intensity and saturation as the image you sent them. Maybe it’s time to look for a different company. Hope you won’t give up.


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