Revenants Abroad and My Battle with CreateSpace.

Just so you guys know, at this point I do not plan to move forward with paper copies of Revenants Abroad. I’m so disgusted with CreateSpace/Amazon’s destruction of the cover art, I can’t bring myself to sell print copies. I can’t understand why the perfectly good artwork that was supplied to them is turned into a murky mess, and they refuse to do anything about it. Their only solution was to tell me to upload a lighter version of the artwork. I don’t have the original artwork, or Photoshop, to manipulate it in. For comparison, here is the original image:

Revenants Abroad - Final Flattened with Text for PrintAnd THIS is what they did to it. These are the first two proof copies I received, the third is exactly the same. I haven’t even bothered to check the actual text inside. I just want to cry every time I look at this.

Two proof covers

I’ve never seen anything like it. If anyone else has had a similar experience with CreateSpace I’d love to hear about it. I was told this was “within acceptable variances.” They also said something about “spacing” which basically meant they didn’t address the issue at all and all I got was a canned response. Obviously they couldn’t care less about the quality of the books they publish.

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  1. The print version does indeed look too dark, but it doesn’t seem too bad. One thing to remember is that an image prepared for digital will not often work for print – two completely different mediums. Can you request the original artist for a print-ready image (they’ll need to know the final dimensions and the filesize will likely be larger). Good luck.


    1. Hi D.D, it’s me Lora. On my phone. I agree with N.E. print images and normal images have two different resolutions. Well three. You have print for the web which is 72 dpi, print for pictures 240 dpi (atleast mines what I give to customers). For printing the image giving to the publisher for printing should be always 300dpi. 300dpi is for magazines, catologs, posters, and pretty much photos that are not the standard sizes. I don’t want to bore you and explain why and talk about pixels. But as N.E wrote, contact the designer who made your photo let them know what is going on, what you need, and also if you can have the image converted to 300dpi. I am sure the gave you the standard for web if not 240dpi. Easy to find out is right click on your orignal file giving to you on your computer. Click on property and stroll down until you see the resolution. If you don’t see it immediately maybe click on the detail tab. Sorry trying to go on memorie. Not on my pc. Wishing you good luck and a great weekend!


    2. I have another image that he formatted for the print version, and it is huge. I actually had to go back to him and ask him to reduce it because it was too big for CreateSpace, they wouldn’t accept it. So he sent back a reduced one, which is still 3x the size of the one I posted. So they don’t have that excuse.


      1. size and resolution are two different thing. The dpi is what matter. The size of the image is what is accepted by the publisher and user but they too are normally looking at the dpi. Web images most people don’t care about the dpi. Because people normally use the standard dpi which is automatic with many photo software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Images for printing the dpi is very important. I produce many things for printing to different companies so I know that most company ask for the longest width to be 2400 the minimum and 300dpi. Not saying to use CreateSpace again if you wish not too. But please contact the person who design the photo for you and ask them if you can have the image the minimum 2400 on the longest width and 300 dpi. You want nothing less then 2400 the longest width.

        I am really surprise Createspace did not gave you guideline for you cover image and inner book images. Every company always have guidelines. Good luck DD.


      2. Just to let you know, I did check and the original image is 300dpi. A lower resolution wouldn’t affect the color, but it would affect the sharpness of the image. Lower resolutions will start to blur or pixelate, which isn’t the problem with this.


  2. They did give guidelines, which my cover artist followed. The cover had to be submitted as a pdf. I don’t have the files with me to check, but Jason ( has done a lot of work like this, I have no doubt the resolution was appropriate. Digital art is his business. CreateSpace does warn you if you upload a file that does not meet their specifications for size or resolution. They accepted this one so I’m sure it was fine.


  3. ugh. aside from the disappointing execution i think the poor customer service is really the kicker. reproducing artwork to paper is both an art and a science, but to throw it back to you to solve is just lazy. maintain your integrity — we’ll keep reading electronically.


  4. I’ve printed four books with CreateSpace, so I thought nothing of entrusting them with my new novel, The Deified which, at 417 pages, was my largest and most ambitious work to date. When it came back the first time, it looked great – on the outside. Then I read it. There were no less than seventy errors (stupid things like sentences running together, or even completely off the page). I emailed their support team and requested it be fixed. They replied a day later, very apologetic, advising that they’d send me three free copies to replace the three I ordered. They arrived a week later, cut down to 80 page pamphlets with smudgy covers.

    I sent a second email to CreateSpace, who again apologised profusely, advising they would send me three more free copies by JUNE 24TH 2016…I sent them the email in NOVEMBER 2016.


    Anyway, I received my third batch and, guess what? Still pamphlets. I sent CreateSpace Support the following perturbed email this morning:

    I’m a reasonable person, but this is getting ridiculous now. My 417 page book arrived, once again, cut down to just over 80 pages. I uploaded the entire 417 page manuscript, error free, and the fact that my hard work and effort has been rewarded three times with a badly printed, error laden, chopped up pamphlet is stressful and hurtful. If this error isn’t PROPERLY addressed, I will be going elsewhere to print my books, and I will be posting about my displeasure on my You Tube channel.

    Here’s hoping this wakes them up.

    I’m not holding my breath.


    1. Holy moly, what a nightmare. No, I doubt they’re very worried about it 😦 Have you tried removing it completely, and starting over again?

      Also, when I log in now to KDP, I have a notice to create a paper book via that site now, and pull it off CreateSpace. I think it’s still in beta, not everyone is getting the offer to move their books at this point. It will cut CreateSpace out of the loop, I don’t know if Amazon is selling them or what. I really don’t understand what the changes are, and information is almost non-existent about it.

      Best of luck, whatever you decide. I totally understand your frustration.


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